Ciesielski and Maxwell's 2nd grade

January 9-19

Click Clack Moo Cows That Type!

Spelling: hens, eggs, ducks, bikes, boxes, wishes, dresses, names, bells, stamps, dishes, grapes, jets, frogs, stitches, fences

Vocabulary: understanding, gathered, impatient, impossible, believe, problem, demand, furious

Our English Language Arts Learning Goals:

I can identify prefixes and understand how they change words.

I can add s and es to nouns to create plural nouns.

I can write a persuasive letter.

I can identify a story's conclusion.

I can infer and predict information from a story.

Tests will be given on Wednesday and Thursday the 18th and the 19th.

Click Clack Moo


We will continue learning about subtraction with double digits. In December, we concluded Chapter 5. This week, we begin chapter 6. This topic includes how to do the standard algorithm. (This is a fancy way to say the "old fashioned way of subtracting" or regrouping or borrowing. All of these terms are synonymous.

Learning goal: I can use multiple methods to subtract large numbers.


Welcome back from break! This week will be a normal full week. Next week, we will not be in school on Monday, January 16 due to MLK day. Then, we look forward to meeting with you on January 20 for parent/teacher conferences. Information about how to sign up for these will be coming home this week -- please watch for it in the folder. Sign ups will be online.