1930's Trials

Tom Robinson case and Scottsboro Trials

Scottsboro Boys

Nine black boys are accused of raping two white women while aboard a train following a fight with a group of white boys. These black boys including Charlie Weems and Clarence Norris are given three seperate trials where they will be convicted of rape and given the death penalty when they were clearly innocent after the testimony of the doctor who examined the two white women with an all white jury. Not until the 1970's will the Civil Rights movement get the civil right act passed, will they get the recognition of a miscarriage of justice.

Tom Robinson Case in TKAM

In To Kill a Mockingbird, Tom Robinson is going to be accused of raping Mayella Ewell when she came on to him. With Mayella being hit in the right eye and Tom's left arm being deformed, there's no way he could be guilty and her father's credibility in question it even makes it a lot easier to see that. Though the evidence was thorough, Tom will still be convicted of the crime and thrown in jail only to be killed a few days later trying to escape.

"Miscarriage of justice" is a given statement by many in Alabama for Scottsboro

"It's a sin to kill a mockingbird, and that's what the Ewells did to Tom"

Both Trials

Both trials showed that the 1930's brought a lot of racism to convict innocent black men who may have had nothing and didn't have anything to do with the crime they're accused of. This is probably the height of miscarriage of justice in american history but it also showed us that both of the groups were framed and had a horrible fate due to this discrimination.