Wildcat Report

Volume 4 Issue 1 8.20.2021

Principal's Message

It has been a huge relief to have all of our students back safely for the start of our new school year. As I spend each day trying to get to know the new freshman while simultaneously celebrating with our seniors, I am overwhelmed with thankfulness to have an opportunity to be in Whitehouse. I love this community, our parents, students, faculty, staff and administration and would not want to be anywhere else. Please know that your child's safety is our utmost concern and my pledge to you is that we create an environment where every student is safe and cared for.

WHS... 1 to 1 Technology School

All students need to have a device to use which have a keyboard, the ability to use a Chrome browser and is mobile. The expectation is that all students bring a device to class daily. If you already have one, that is wonderful!! If your student does not have one, we have one available for them. Please fill out the Chromebook Request Form and they will have it delivered to their class next week. If you have any questions, please contact Kim Carnes or Curtis Martine.

Student Parking

Just a reminder that students must have parking stickers in order to park on campus. In order to purchase a parking pass a student must fill out this form , pay for a sticker, and then will be sent a form to fill out in order to submit your their drivers license and proof of insurance. It is $30 for an annual parking pass (plus a 3.6% processing fee). Vehicles parking on campus without a permit could get a warning sticker or a tire boot. Don't be that vehicle! If you have any questions please email Nancy Barker, our friendly bookkeeper.

A Message From WHS Loves Teachers


It is our mission to provide every WHS teacher with support and encouragement this year through our forthcoming Adopt a Teacher program. We welcome you to participate by simply selecting a teacher - any teacher - your child's current teacher, a former teacher, or even a personal friend of yours that teaches here at WHS to adopt. By adopting that teacher, you will be that source of encouragement to them throughout the year. We'd like for you to ideally send an email or note of encouragement or a small trinket of appreciation to your adopted teacher on occasion - perhaps monthly if possible - as a small reminder that their efforts are appreciated. A sweet email costs nothing and would mean so very much. A $5 gift card for a Sonic or Starbucks drink as a special treat would light up the faces of our teachers across campus. We even have surveys from the teachers to eliminate guesswork on their likes and dislikes!! By adopting a teacher, you are showing your willingness to be a light during some of these darkest times right now as teachers are trying to navigate this new mode of teaching.

Please consider adopting a teacher. It will mean so much to your teacher and will mean so much to you, too, being a source of their encouragement or smiles. Thank you, parents, for being willing to make a difference in the lives of our WHS teachers that are making a difference in our children's lives every single day. As a community, we will be strong together. For more information, please join our WHS loves teachers Facebook page or email whslovesteachers@gmail.com.

Shout Outs!!

There are so many folks here at WHS who have been integral to getting school started... I would like to point out a special group of folks who have been extraordinary over the past couple weeks to ensure that school would start on time. Shout out to:

Michelle Overmeyer - Registrar

Alex Clark - Lead Counselor TZ - Z

Kristen Williamson - Counselor A - FQ

Cassie Evans - Counselor FR - MB

Rachel Middleton - Counselor MC - TI

Theresa Gray - College & Career Counselor

Grant Baldwin - LPC Counselor

Stephanie Henderson - Counselor Secretary

Julie Fowler - Dean of Instruction (Not Pictured)

Thank you to all of you for your commitment to taking care of our students! Your actions truly reflect "Above All, Students First"!

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This year, Whitehouse ISD will be promoting Make a Difference Monday at every campus! We will encourage students to spread kindness throughout the year by participating in a kindness activity every Monday. Some months we will ask students to bring a small, travel sized item to donate for the chemo bag service project at Holloway 6th Grade Campus. We can't wait to Make Every Monday Matter!
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Staff Birthdays - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

8/1 Leah Stanley

8/9 Alex Clark

8/18 Nancy Barker

8/18 Chloe Guinn

8/21 Robin Ballard

8/24 Rachel Middleton

8/25 Breanna Molloy

8/27 Maggie Theiring

8/30 Dave Scott

First Pep Rally

Friday, Sep. 3rd, 7:30-8:15am

901 East Main Street

Whitehouse, TX

Labor Day - NO SCHOOL!!

Monday, Sep. 6th, 7:30-9:30am

901 East Main Street

Whitehouse, TX

Joshua Garred

Principal, Whitehouse High School