Essential Oils 101

What are essential oils and how do I use them?

Come and get your questions answered!

You have heard about these "oil people" and even heard amazing testimonies of people's lives being changed by using essential oils, but you have some questions....

What is an essential oil?
How can a drop of oil effect my whole body?
How would I even know what oil I need?
How do I use these oils?
Why are many of the oils so expensive?
Why can't I just buy the cheaper stuff I see at other stores?

These are some of the most common questions asked, and we plan to address them here. Come with your questions, and leave with resources and answers!

Essential Oils 101

Wednesday, May 25th, 6:15pm

920 West Fair Avenue

Lancaster, OH

This class will be held in the party room at the Donatos in Lancaster. If you would like to order dinner there or even just a snack or beverage, you are more than welcome too!