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November 15, 2013

Veterans Day

Give a salute to war veterans! It's Veterans Day, when thousands of people will visit the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia. At 11 a.m., a color guard representing all military services will execute "Present Arms" at the tomb. A presidential wreath will be placed on the tomb, symbolizing the nation's remembrance of all those who died fighting for their country. A bugler will step up and play "Taps". After this Veterans Day ritual, ceremonies will continue in the surrounding amphitheater with speakers and tributes. This event takes place every year on November 11, the official holiday in the United States honoring veterans of the armed forces and the men and women who have served in the country's wars.

How do you observe Veterans Day? Do you go to a parade?

Listen to a speech? Take flowers to a cemetery? People do all these things to commemorate this special holiday, which has been observed since 1919, though it had a different name and a slightly different meaning back then.

It was on November 11, 1918, that Allied powers signed a ceasefire agreement, an armistice with Germany, ending World War I. Veterans Day was originally called Armistice Day. It was changed by president Eisenhower after World War 2. It was changed for all veterans who served our country. It has been Veterans Day ever since!!!

By: Eli and Jessy

Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon week is a week to celebrate being drug free and healthy. Playing sports and eating healthy is a great commitment to Red Ribbon week. At our school we celebrated healthy people who love sports and healthy food. Every day we got red tickets for healthy choices. If we turned them in, we could earn a prize on the last day of Red Ribbon Week!

We think that Red Ribbon Week is a great week for kids to make good choices and stay healthy. Red Ribbon Week is the chance to celebrate being healthy and active. On Red Ribbon Week we had an assembly and there was a band called The Crew. They came here to do all sorts of things like make music with trash cans and cool beats with water containers. They showed the school that there are all sorts of things you can do when you are healthy. On Tuesday, it was wear red day. Almost everyone wore red on Tuesday. There was also a day called wear rainbow day, which represented all the different colors and the healthiness of Red Ribbon Week. On the last day of Red Ribbon Week we all got apples at the end of school. Overall, Red Ribbon Week is a great week for kids and other people to stay healthy!

By: Michelle and Blake

Writing Narrative

We’ve been writing our own narratives over the past months. Our narratives are stories about anything we want to write. The process of writing the narrative is important. First, you have to have a brilliant beginning. Then, you have to add details. Next, you need a problem. After that, you need a main event. Finally, you need a solution. Those are the parts of the story you need.

We asked a few people what they wrote about. Here is what they said:

"My story is about a cat getting stuck in a tree and a girl had to find a way to get it down," said Jessy.

Lucas said, "My story is about a fire mage (wizard) named Blaze who has to defeat an ice monster."

Last, but not least, Haili says, "My story is about a girl who wants an orangutan for her birthday."

As you can see, these kids have a lot of creative narratives. Writing the narratives was a lot of fun and almost everyone liked it. The narratives took lots of hard work and now we finished them. We hope to write another.

By: John Henry and Hanna

Solana Beach Soccer Club

The Solana Beach Soccer Club is great for all ages from five years old to 12th grade. It is only $145 to join (if you join by June 17). The places they practice are: CDC, Solana Vista, Skyline, and Earl Warren. Kids over the age of 11 can sign up to be a referee for divisions under U7 and can also earn money. Adults can volunteer to be a coach for a team. They get to choose the players on their team. If you own a company, you can sponsor a team

by donating $450. You get to have the name of your company on the back of a team

jersey! "I love soccer! So The Solana Beach Soccer Club is perfect for me!" says Layne.

By: Alex, Layne, and Josselyn


Dear Astrid,

My friends and I have noticed that a lot of people are not getting included in the games on the playground. What can we do?


Concerned Student

Dear Concerned Student,

Well, I have seen that before, but usually the left out kids will find someone to play with. If someone is not being included, you can always ask them if they want to play with you. If someone is not included, they can always go play with someone or something else. Also, if you are getting left out you can always sign up for a club at lunch time. Remember, some people like to play by themselves or they could just be taking a break if they were playing with someone. Did you know that sometimes I like to play by myself? Catching crickets and bobbing for lettuce are some of my favorite games!



Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

1. Estimate the difference to the nearest hundredths place: 1.253 - 1.174.

A: 0.079

B: 0.085

C: 0.080

D: 1.080

2. Fix this sentence.

Sallys class got a new student.

A: Sallie’s

B: Sally’s

C: Sallys’

D: Sallies’

3. Which is one of the most important parts of a story?

A: Small details

B: Dialog

C: Extended ending

D: Problem / Solution

4. What is photosynthesis?

A: When leaves capture and use energy from the sun, water absorbed by the roots, and carbon dioxide from air to make food for the plant.

B: When plant and animal cells need energy, they use oxygen to break

stored carbohydrates.

C: The outer layer of a leaf.

D: A chemical that absorbs and traps the energy of the sunlight.

Answer Key

1. C 2. B 3. D 4. A

By: Myles and Maribel


Photosynthesis is an ongoing process in plants. We chose to write about this because we just finished our first science unit about plants. We thought this would be most interesting to share with the class and parents!

Plants need carbon dioxide, water, and sunlight for photosynthesis. This process makes oxygen for us to breathe and sugar as food for the plants. Photosynthesis takes place in the chloroplasts of the cell. The whole process happens in the leaves of plants. Without photosynthesis, plants would not have food and animals would not have oxygen to breathe.

By: Lucas and Yacir

Out of My Mind

Hello Room 26! Are you almost finished with a book, due to get another one, but have no idea what you want to choose? Well that’s okay because today I’m going to give a review on the famous book called Out of My Mind written by Sharon M. Draper. Who knows, maybe after reading this you might want to check it out!

Overall, this book is amazing and can change your thoughts about judging people. In fact, this book is so good that over 5 or 6 people had recommended it to me in Room 26 alone. Let's move on with the actual review! First, the main character Melody, who is also the narrator, talks a little about her disability, which is cerebral palsy. She explains how this disability causes physical damage but not mental. This independent youngster might not be able to talk or move freely, but that does not mean this disease can keep her from learning. From the start, she describes her childhood up to 5th grade. That’s where all of the rain and shine begins.

At this time she is introduced to her new baby sister, Penny, gets her first communication device called a Medi-Talker, and one of the biggest events takes place at school where she gets to meet and be like “the other kids”. Here, she gets to walk the hall with the “regular or normal kids” since she was moved from special education to "normal" classes. I think "regular" or "normal" are rather rude terms because they imply that some kids are different or "not normal". Melody is more challenged than most kids, but this character sets goals and has dreams like anybody else. Will her dreams and wishes all come true? You can find out if you get your hands on this book, so don’t forget to check any local bookstore or library!

By: Haili Ballard

The Big Field

Batter up! The Big Field by Mike Lupica is a book about a 14 year old boy named Hutch Hutchinson. Hutch has the shortstop position in his blood. His father was a top prospect before an injury ended his career. Hutch is elected to play for the Post 226 Cardinals, a team hungry for the state championship. Then, cocky and talented shortstop Darryl Williams shows up, forcing Hutch to move to second base. At first, Hutch dislikes the change, but then the summer turns into a summer Hutch will never forget.

I liked this book because it had a had a good flow throughout the whole book. Everything seemed to connect very smoothy. The Big Field also has humor and can teach you how to be a team player. I personally liked this book because it was written around baseball. But, there is a lot more than baseball to this book!

I would recommend The Big Field to anyone who plays a team sport. Even if you don't like baseball, this will still be a great book to read. I hope you get a chance to read this book and that you enjoy it as much as I did.

By: Trey

Seen and Heard

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