Mrs. Mandy's Social Studies Class

What you need to know

Looking for Information About Your Child's Social Studies Class? Look No Further! It's Right Here!

This year, your student will spend half of the six weeks in Social Studies and half of the six weeks in English. Please be sure to know which letter group your student belongs to (C or D) in order to follow the schedule listed on my website below.

Class Room Expectation:

Students are expected behave in a manner according to the BISD Student Handbook.

Students are expected treat themselves, peers, and teacher with respect.

Students are expected to come to class participate in the learning process.

What Work Your Student Can Expect:

Study Guides: Students are given a study guide at the beginning of each unit. Students are expected to keep up with their copy. Should a student lose their copy of the Study Guide, they can go online to my website and print off a new one, or with a PARENT LETTER can receive another copy from me.

Light Homework- This will usually only be a review to be done at home the night before a test, for extra reinforcement.

Projects: Group and Individual projects are a major grade in Social Studies, it is important that students complete their work according to the rubric guidelines, and are ready to present projects when they are due. It is recommended and encouraged that students use the class time given to complete these types of assignments, however, if extra time at home is needed, it is allowed.

Tests: Test dates are listed on my website and ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Please be sure to make sure you are looking at the right schedule for your student's class.

Questions and Conferences: I am available by email anytime of the day. I do not check my email after 8 p.m. Students should feel free to email with any questions they may have about assignments, projects, tests, etc. PARENTS CAN EMAIL TOO!

I am available by phone during a specified 45 minute conference time. I return all parent phone calls after school, I do not return calls during the day, as I want to be able to give the parent and myself as much time to conference as needed without interruption.

Face to Face Conference: These are typically scheduled a few days or week in advanced, and will be done with some or all of your students teachers and an administrator from the campus. We prefer to conference this way so you can speak to all of us at one time if needed, or if a teacher needs to speak with you as well. We feel that more information can be given and suggestions made to better your students education, when we work as team.

Failure Letters:

Emails and Letters are sent home with students progress reports or report card explaining why they are or have failed, it is important to get work turned in on time, and to have those assignments completed when turned in. The email your letter you may receive for your student will explain the reason for their grade, and instructions on how they can improve it along with a deadline date (usually one week). All work turned in completed can earn up to a 75.