Jill's Mission Adventure

October 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. God has continued to bless me during this MTE training season. The transition has not been any easy one, and I've found myself homesick for familiar people and things, (not to mention the beautiful Ontario fall colours), but God is good. And He is with me! In one of our sessions, our teacher asked us what the most repeated promise in the Bible was. It's not that God loves us (which He does) or that God has forgiven us (which He has), but that He is with us! What an amazing truth to cling to today and always.

Williams Lake, BC

Our team travelled north to Williams Lake this past weekend. We were welcomed in and loved by the church there. We had teaching from Ephesians 4, covering 5 themes of a healthy community: we are an honest community, we are a contributing community, we are a loving community, we are a sexually pure community, and we are a forgiving community. The whole weekend was wonderful, and I got to see a part of BC I had never seen before. I'll include a few pictures . . .

What's next?

The training continues. This week we had modules on Anabaptist and Mennonite Brethren history, and Hermeneutics. Coming up we have modules in Crisis Management, Budgeting, and Intercultural and Interpersonal Adjustments. The first week of November is set aside completely for prayer and discernment regarding countries, so I would appreciate your prayers during that time especially.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for a fuller and clearer understanding of my calling and purpose
  • Pray as we set aside the first week of November to discern which countries we will serve in
  • Pray for MB Mission leaders and teachers, for wisdom as they teach
  • Pray that I learn to live completely dependent on Jesus
  • Pray for deeper understanding of what it means that God is with me always

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