Mrs. Davis's Kindergarten News

May 28-June 8 edition Final Edition

This Week and Next

We have a busy week this week with lots of finishing-up!

  • Thursday- Story time with Mrs. Butler (librarian)
No ice-cream days. We miss our Blue Bell.
  • Friday-- Field day.... maybe...if it doesn't rain
  • Monday--
  • Tuesday--Newsday Folders--Last time
  • Wednesday--Beach Reading Day (see note), Treasure Hunt
  • Thursday-Class Party 9-10. Story time with Mrs. Butler (librarian),
  • No ice-cream days. We miss our Blue Bell.
  • Friday--Awards Day Early Release 12:30

Language arts: Decoding, rhyming, assessments

Social Studies: Using maps and globes.

Math: Simple addition and subtraction, assessments

Science: Animals! -describing by traits, habitats, food, and needs. Insects.


  • A-Ladybug vocabulary and sight word match
  • B-Butterfly word family sort
  • C-Puppets
  • D-Memory game
  • E--Very grouchy ladybug
  • F-Fine motor--stone race
  • G-Library
  • H-Listen to story
  • Technology--Chrome books, symbaloo, smart board
  • Teacher table--Phonics and assessment

CENTERS: Blocks, Legos, Magnets, doll house, puzzles, math tubs, writing, library, puppets, play-doh, painting, science/exploration, sensory table-sand, Orbies goop

Fine Arts schedule: (please wear tennis shoes on PE days)

  • Monday--off
  • Tuesday--Music/PE
  • Wednesday--Science
  • Thursday--PE/Music
  • Friday--Field Day
  • Monday--Music/PE
  • Tuesday--Science
  • Wednesday--PE/Music
  • Thursday--Art
  • Friday--Early Release
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Our Class NEEDS:

  • tape refills

A Message from the Cafeteria

Parents & Guardians,

Frequently asked Questions at EOY:

What does “Last Day to Charge” on Lunch Accounts mean?

It does not mean you cannot use the accounts, it means it is the last day to go into the negative on Lunch accounts. Since you add money to the card/account it is a debit card/account, you are not actually charging till you run out of money that was on the account…

Another one is where does the money go at EOY?

All accounts roll over to the next year, meaning any money left on accounts will be waiting for you when school starts next year. Even if you which schools as long as it is still an LISD school your account stays the same. Which includes 5th grade going to Arbor Creek. Whatever their balance is positive or negative will be waiting for them on that first day at Arbor Creek.

I recommend loading up accounts before the EOY (end of year), this way it is one less thing to have to remember on the first day of school. This is especially important for 5th graders going on to Arbor Creek, there are no negative account balances allowed in middle school period…. A cheese sandwich on the first day of school would not be fun….

So Please Please think about putting money on your 5th graders account before the last day of school, then their guaranteed lunch on that first day no matter what!

Also if they have a negative balance Please see me about clearing that up before school lets out June 5th. That way it doesn’t follow them to 6th grade. Thanks!!!

Reminder: The last day students can charge a meal without money on their account is Thursday, May 21st. Visit the Child Nutrition website ( to learn how you can enroll in low balance e-mail notifications before the end of the school year!

Thank you in advance for taking care of this matter for our Kids!!

Charlene Luna

Homestead Cafe


Count your Blessings not your Worries..


I've updated my Symbaloo. Check out it out. Click on any tile and it will take you to the website. You can make your own, too! Share new sites with me.

Class Birthdays for May:

There are no May birthdays so we are celebrating summer birthdays this month.

June 18--Braylynn




July 10--Rosie


What did you do today? How to talk about their day with your child this week:

We will be winding up the school year. This is a great time to talk about what will happen next year. It can be sad, exciting, and scary leaving Kindergarten. Help reassure your child that they will see most of their friends and make new ones next year. If you are not coming back to Homestead (and you made sure that they know in the office...) talk to your child about changes and perhaps you can make a visit to the new school before school starts. It is important to celebrate growing up, but remember not to put extra pressure about, " you are all grown up now." They still have so much more little kid stuff to do as they are learning to read and write and do math. :)

I will begin sending home items from class, so talk with your child about why we made this particular item. Encourage them to tell you who they played with and what was the favorite station or center this week. I have Orbie Slime and it is a real hit. Let me know if you want the recipe. :)

Mrs. Davis's Kindergarten 2014/15 Photostream

Click here to go to our class photos. Please feel free to comment on the pics and videos. :) These photos will be deleted August 1, 2015


If you have more photos that you would like uploaded to our photo page, please send them to me ASAP as I will be closing this flyer out and not adding anything else again. Thanks!
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The Shower for Q and U

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The Wedding of Q and U

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Transplanting the grass...

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'Nana Puddin' Came to school!

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Our 5th grade Buddies did a lesson and then shared it with us.

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Mrs. Shomer helped explain the way flowers grow.

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Have a great week!

Mrs. Davis