The Red Sun Genius Hour Projects

By Leestown Middle School 6th Grade Students

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The Red Sun by Alane Adams 6th Grade Genius Hour Projects Leestown Middle School

Used Google Slides to Gather Student Work

Students selected a slide and were asked to place their project links and summary in one spot so I could create a Smore to Share with the author Alane Adams. Students who did not have their own photos downloaded photos from the Google Photos link above.

After finishing their slide they could browse other student slides.

The Red Sun Vodcast

Purpose: To show how people think differently about the book.

Audience: People who have already read the book.

Red Sun Vodcast
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The Red Sun Jeopardy Game

Purpose: The purpose of my project is to let kids have fun while they are learning and reviewing.

Audience: The audience is students and teachers.

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Artwork/Podcast Video

The purpose of our project is to get young people interested in the “Red Sun,” book, so they might read it and understand it.

The audience of our project is young people who would be interested in reading the book “Red Sun” and Alane Adams is also our audience.

Our project is on youtube and we need someone to get it off.
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Red Sun

Red Sun Cupcakes

The purpose of our project is to have our audience interact with our project. And to have people learn about our the Red Sun and enjoy a cupcake that represent one character out of five that we picked.

Our audience for the project is everyone because even people who haven’t read the book can still interact with our project.

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The Red Sun Merchandise:

For our project we made t-shirts, we made bookmarks, and we made mad-libs.

~ In the picture it shows Maddie on the left and Timothi on the right. Unfortunately, Amanda (our other partner) wasn’t able to come.

Red Sun video summary

The purpose of my project is putting a show on our morning show(A show we have to broadcast stuff in the mornings) to advertise the book. This Will go out to anyone who watches the morning show.

My Animoto Video-Michael halk

Red Sun Guess Who Game

Purpose: The purpose is to convince kids to read all of the books and learn all of the characters.

Audience: People who are interested in Reading or has read the book
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The Red Sun Movie Trailer

This movie trailer was made by Abigail and Cybill

We hope you all are entertained by this trailer

This project was aimed towards people that have read The Red Sun
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The Red Sun

Minecraft Build Video -Ryan Brock

The purpose of my project is to give a 3-D experience of one of the many scenes from the book.

The audience is for young adults and anyone who likes Minecraft.

Red Sun Project Brock


Jasper's boat

Aursama Interactive Poster

An Interactive Poster:

n this project we (Taylor and Abby) made a poster for the book “The Red Sun”, then using the platform Aurasma we created “trigger images” in the poster. Aurasma takes a “trigger image” and when scanned with Aurasma will bring up additional information (in this case a picture).

A Map of Orkney

Purpose: to show people a map of Orkney Me (Ben)->

Audience: People who read the book and want to see a visual of Orkney on a map with different important locations on it.

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Jasper's boat 2-D image

The purpose of my project is to show a 2-D image of what I think Jasper's boat looks like so that people that have not read the book can see a visual of what Jasper's boat looks like.

The audience for my project would be art lovers.

Leestown in Bloom Brochure

Purpose:To help people get around.

Audience:Alane Adams and everyone who comes to

Leestown in bloom.

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Leestown Middle School 6th Grade Pre - Engineering Class

Genius Hour Project Inspired by the book The Red Sun by Alane Adams

A collaborative effort between Claudett Edie (Library Media Specialist) and Leslie Herald (6th grade LA teacher)