Main Building Door Code

For Parents ONLY

Safety First!

As Children's safety is ALWAYS our first priority it is important review our door code policy from time to time each year. The door code is for ENROLLED parents/ legal guardians only. The door code changes every 90 days and only goes through our secured school emailing system.

The Door Code Has Changed:


What to do if someone other then a legal guardian is picking up...

From time to time you may be running behind, have a special activity planned, or simply just a family member who is visiting your home and may need to pick your child up from school. We completely understand.

It is very important that even if you are in the car, they DO NOT have the door code. The door being locked is our first line of safety for your children! Please allow a staff member to answer the door and properly check the ID of anyone who is visiting our campus. After doing so, and verifying with your emergency pick up list, we will then release your little one from class.

Thank you for your cooperation and helping us place child safety first!

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