Snow Day Update Monday, January 18

Grade 6/7-Mrs. Kelly

Good Morning Parents & Students,

I hope this newsletter finds you well, safe and warm on this snowy day. After the three snow days last week, the students and I had a discussion about the expectations and uses of the iPads. A benefit of having an iPad is that when snow days prevent us from being together as a class, the iPad keeps us connected! The students are expected to log in and check their email, as well as, commit to an hour of learning. Students who do not attempt to use their device for learning purposes at home, may be asked to leave their iPad at school. All of the assigned work can also be completed on a computer. Students can email me if they have forgotten their log in information or need assistance with the work.

With our Math program, I can monitor the students progress through Real Time and help them if they struggle via email. Please ask your child to explain this to you further, as this is a feature we use in our classroom. I understand that some students may have a commitment to babysitting on snow days and ask that they do their best to communicate with me and/or log in and attempt the work at the end of their work day if possible. I would like the students to work on building responsibility and becoming accountable for their learning.


Mrs. Kelly

Okay Super Students......Give These a Try!


Grade 6 & Grade 7: work on finishing up the section on Data & Graphs. You will be given a real world problem to solve when we return to class so be sure you have a solid understanding of Data and Statistics (mean, median, mode, range).

No Red Ink

Please log into your No Red Ink account and complete the assignment for today. It should take approximately 10-15 minutes. CLICK HERE for the website link. You should have an icon on your iPad homepage as we created one together last week.

Mrs. Kelly

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams!"

~Eleanor Roosevelt