Deepa Mehta

"A Citzen Filmmaker of the World"

An Outline of a Life

  • Born in Amritsar, India in 1949
  • Attended the University of Delhi. She received a degree in philosophy.
  • Her father was a theater owner.
  • Her start in film began with documentaries.
  • Moved to Toronto at 23 and later became a Canadian citizen.
  • Now? An awarded director that is the center of much controversy.

"...There is room for redemption and hope, however grim things are; that the human spirit does have that ability to do something that is selfless, even under the most horrendous circumstances."

The Elements Trilogy

  • Fire, (1996)

- explores sexuality

  • Earth, (1998)
- explores nationalism

- 2000 Academy Award for Best Foreign film nominee

  • Water, (2005)
- explores religion

- nominated for 2007 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film

“I couldn't make Water until I stopped being angry. Why are we so scared of showing the truth? Why can't we question aspects of our tradition that aren't so great?”

NL Interviews Deepa Mehta


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