Christmas Cuisine Around the World

Munchin' Across the Globe

Christmas is celebrated worldwide by a large diversity of citizens from countries scattered across the globe. Each country has their own unique mix of dishes and specialties that they enjoy around the Christmas holiday season. They are many different delicacies that are saved throughout the year to contribute to the unique holiday feel. The dishes around the world vary from extravagant fish spreads in Russia to slow cooked pulled pork in Brazil. This page will give you a taste of what some of the countries on the world choose to grub on during the holidays.
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United States Traditional Feast

The United States tends to eat a variety of meat such as turkey and ham. Their Thanksgiving and Christmas foods are very similar. For the side dishes it is very common to have green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, yams, and cranberries. The main course is usually followed by desserts such as coconut cake, sugar cookies and ginger bread. Americans also like to sip on egg nog and hot chocolate.
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Brazilian Christmas Spread

Brazilians will usually spend their Christmas by going to a midnight mass "Misa de Gallo" after the church they will spend their time feasting on dishes such as pulled pork, along with a side of exquisite dishes. The Brazilian culture is known for their use of a variety of different foods and spices to create their special holiday foods.
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Chinese Holiday Feast

The Chinese culture tends to put a twist to the what we are used to seeing and eating not just on holidays but the whole year round. From chicken wontongs to Chinese dumplings the food possibilities are endless. For dessert, the Chinese make Chinese sponge cake to NIan Gian ( Christmas cake). One things for sure, you'll never be bored with this cuisine.
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Russia Tis's the Season

Like the Chinese, the Russian people also add their twist and flavor to the Christmas dishes. It is most likely to see a sea of fish dishes when celebrating the Christmas season. There is also more diversity in their holiday foods due to the fact that they are returning from a 40 day fasting period when Christmas comes along. Some of the platters are Sochivo (a porridge), beetroot soup, Soylanka (vegan potluck), and many vegetable and root based salads.