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The Black Death Bites and Strikes! Price: 50p Year: 1348

What caused The Black Death? God? Jews? Fire falling down the skies?

Lots and lots of people in Europe had been dying, there have been many reasons what caused the horrible Black Death. Scientific reasons, religious reasons and magical/ superstitious beliefs. No one knows what actually caused it. Mr. Black Man (victim) says, "This horrible disease was caused by a stupid French sailor who brought it with him while on sail, curse that French sailor, he caused everything!

Scientific reasons:

  • Contagion (can easily spread)
  • If you touch the dead or sick, you are immediately infected.
  • The positioning of the planets: Saturn, Jupiter and Mars weren't in line, causing bad air.
Religious reasons:

  • Punishment from God
  • Jews were poisoning the wells

Magical/Superstitious reason:

  • Fire from heavens fell down like rain, destroying land and killing people.

Different types of the disease

There are two different types of disease. The first and common one is the Bubonic disease, the symptoms of this include, fever, headache, chills, nausea, vomiting and of course buboes. Buboes are found in the groin and the armpits, they could grow to the size of an apple. If it bursts it releases a black liquid called black pus, the victim would then survive it. 75% of victims who caught this died.

The second type of disease is the Pneumonic disease. The symptoms of this disease include, fever, weakness, headache, shortness of breath, chest pain and coughing up blood. This one is way worse than you think! If you have this type of disease, then there's no chance of surviving. 100% of people who caught this died!

Tips of ways to prevent this disease!

Now you've heard how horrible the disease is, here are 5 tips of prevention!


Herbs are a way of preventing the disease, since the positioning of the planets weren't line causing bad air, you would have to smell herbs to prevent Pneumonic disease.

Avoid dogs, cats or anything with fur

Either kill dogs or avoid them, it is believed that dogs and cats carry the disease with them. Specifically fleas, they can spread by contagion. Stay away from dogs, cats or anything with fur, or they'll give it to you as it keeps on spreading.

Whip yourself in front of God

Beg for forgiveness for what we have done, whip yourself whilst praying to God. He was probably the cause of the disease, he punished us so we have to ask for forgiveness.

Lock your house

Make sure no one that carries the disease breaks into your house, keep your place secured with some food and supplies. One touch from someone with the disease can easily spread to you.

Bathe in hot water as frequently as you can

Bathing in hot water can keep you away from fleas, just make sure to do it frequently so that the fleas would go away.


Now you know how to prevent the disease, but what if you caught it? Here are some 5 cures!

Chicken Butt

Place the chicken where the swelling is, that will draw out the pestilence. This also works with fresh frogs.

Butter and yeast

Use butter and yeast and spread around your buboes, then slice it out to release the black pus.

Swallow crushed emeralds

Crush emeralds and that will leave you with a powder of crushed emeralds. Then mix it with liquid so it can easily flow down your throat.

Live in a sewer

Living in a sewer would block out the bad smells of the black death.

Cut out your veins

Open your veins and let a pint of blood come out. This will also draw out the disease that is inside you. You can also let leeches suck you dry.

Doktor Schnabel von Rom ("Doctor Beak of Rome" in German)

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Interview with Doktor Schnabel von Rom ("Doctor Beak of Rome" in German)

Doktor Schnabel von Rom had been going through many infected people, we interviewed him and asked him what was the cause of the disease. " I think that God punished us for what we have done, womanizing, drinking and overall bad behavior. I traveled all over Europe and asked people what they thought. Many said about the positioning of the planets, many said it was a punishment from god. No one really knows. But the next thing that will happen is that we will all be dead, maybe me."