Psychology of the Body & Chakras


April 13-14 Time: 9-5

Take a quantum leap in the mind/body/spirit continuum through the eyes of the bodyworker!

Dive deep into the human energy system and explore how emotional, mental and spiritual health manifests within the physical tissues of the human body.

Strengthen your understanding of the chakras, the power of thought forms and how defense mechanisms actually manipulate the physical form creating an armor of tissue.

Learn how to recognize armoring patterns, application of massage for specific armor and balancing of the chakras.

Re-Inspire yourself and re-awaken your passion for bodywork!


Cost: $350

Place: Milton, DE (directions with confirmed registration)

To Register: call or text 302-249-3912, or email:

Meet the Instructor

Amy Stewart, LMT has been in practice for more than 12 years. She is also a published author & Licensed Love Yourself, Heal Your Life Teacher based on the metaphysical teachings of Louise Hay, Hay House Publishing. Amy's book, The Living Rainbow, is written in rhyme and designed to empower kids with Divine Self Love by teaching about the chakras, feelings & forgiveness. The Living Rainbow was featured at the Hay House I Can Do It Conference, Baltimore, June 2014.

As a licensed massage therapist, aesthetician & educator, it is Amy's passion to share her love and knowledge of metaphysics and bodywork. "I believe in the divine wisdom inherent in each body and the role of the bodyworker to help re-awaken this wisdom. As we help heal each other, we help heal ourselves, therefore helping to heal the world."