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Week of May 8, 2017


Our mission is to inspire and empower students to become engaged learners, high achieving scholars, and positive role models.

Monday Edition

Weekly Exams - May 1-5

Grade 1 is hot at 83!

Warming up quickly is Grade 5 at 78!

Grade 2 is keeping pace with 74!

Grades 3 & 4 are looking to put the heat on!

Let's go!!

Jay's Jems

Goals Movie for Simple Truths

Happy Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week! May 8th through May 12th

2 Teach is

2 Touch lives

4 Ever

~Author unknown

This year’s Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week theme is “Teachers Deliver.”

IAT Teachers and Staff 'deliver' so much to our students—inspiration, motivation and, ultimately, their futures.

We 'deliver' our thanks and gratitude during this special week for your dedication and commitment that you show throughout the year to the students at IAT.

We appreciate you!

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.

~Henry Adams

A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart.

~Author Unknown

Happy National School Nurse Day Nurse Kari! Wednesday, May 10th

This year's School Nurse Day theme is “Healthy Nurse, Healthy Students." Healthy children learn better, and school nurses work to remove barriers to learning.

A special thank you to Nurse Kari for helping improve the safety, health, and academic success of our IAT students. We appreciate all that you do for our students every single day!

Below are some links with some ideas to show appreciation to Nurse Kari on her special day.




Happy Mothers Day to all of the IAT Moms and Moms-to-Be! Sunday, May 14th

To all the IAT Moms and Future Moms, Happy Mothers Day!

Even if you are not a Mom yet, did you know that Teachers are like Moms to their students every single day? Think about it ....

1. The teacher is always there for you.

2. (S)he is your guiding light.

3. Sometimes, your teacher knows more of your secrets than your mother – and still keeps them.

4. Teachers are sometimes harsh, but only because they love you.

5. A teacher is truly selfless.

6. Teachers are inspirational.

7. Teachers are proud of their students.

8. Only a teacher can push you to explore your full potential.

9. A teacher is a lot more than just someone who teaches.

10. A teacher is the only one who will celebrate if you rise beyond him/her.

11. A teacher is not afraid of telling you the truth.

12. A teacher might not remember your name after 10 years but will remember every little quirk of yours.

13. A teacher always puts him/herself second.

14. A teacher knows you for all your goodness and vices. And still loves you. (Source: http://www.india.com/buzz/14-reasons-why-your-teacher-is-your-second-mother-483842/

So whether you have biological children, adopted children, or have IAT children who look up to you as a second Mother, you do make a difference! We appreciate all of you! Relax and enjoy your special day!

Below are some links to ideas of Mothers Day projects that your students can make for their Moms.











IAT Open House

The PBIS Team is planning an Open House Event at IAT! It will be held on Wednesday, May 17th from 1-4 pm.

We will be having karaoke, yard games, face painting, arts and crafts and tours of the school.

We will need help running activities and getting donations, if you are interested in helping out please contact either Miss Meyers or Mr. Simmons

Happy Birthday to YOU!

May your day be blessed and may you have a wonderful year ahead!

Joia DiGregorio - May 11

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