Greece and Rome

Greek and Roman Contributions


Rome has contributed a lot to the modern world we have today. like our system of government and our military. In Rome, roman citizens were required to serve in the military, the army was spilt into different sections or legions. A Present day example of this would be the current U.S Military system. The U.S. military is divided as well into sections like the navy, army. and Air force.
Also our Republican form of government is based off of early Roman government. The romans had a republic government which had the citizens vote. They also had other types of government such as a monarchy, democracy, and a aristocracy. Today, a present day example would be the U.S Constitution. The U.S Constitution is based on the Roman Republic system of checks and balances.


Greek has contributed to the modern world by giving us the modern Olympics and theatres and opera houses. The first Olympics were held for Zeus, a Greek god. The Olympics helped keep people in shape . Today in the modern Olympics, we have tons of events and have different events that they did in Greece. Another present day example would be theatres and opera houses. In Greece there were outside opera and theatres built all over the world. They only did or comedy or tragedy.