Cyber Bullying

Things You Should Know

What Is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is when a child, preteen, or teen is threatened, harassed, tormented pr embarrassed online with any form of interactive digital technology and cellular phones. Cyberbullying only is considered cyberbullying if it is minor to minor, once an adult gets involved it is called cyber harassment or cyber stalking.

Why Your Reaction Is Important

It is important that you don't overreact, but also don't underreact. Parents should be a safety outlet after an incident occurs, but sometimes the child fears speaking to their parents about an incident for fear that the parent may over react and embarrass them by going to the other child's parents, calling the school and making a scene, etc. It is important that when you realize cyberbullying is happening to communicate to the school, and a counselor what is happening so that they can watch for serious signs of emotional or mental distress when the child is not under your watchful eye.
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Why Keeping Your Eyes Open Is Important

In severe situations, Children have often committed, or attempted suicide after incidents of cyberbullying. Other children have murdered others after incidents of cyberbullying. Some incidences maybe damage a child's self esteem or confidence and may even cause psychological or emotional issues. It's important to keep an eye out for warning signs and get your child help as soon as possible to avoid these situations.
What is cyber bullying?