Hepatitis in Africa

A'via Owensby

What You May and May Not Know About Hepatitis:

1. There are 4 kinds of Hepatitis; A, B, C, and E.

2. They're all kinds of liver disease.

3. Almost everyone recovers from Hepatitis A, but a small proportion of people do die.

4. Improved sanitation and the Hepatitis A vaccine are the most effective ways to fight the disease.

5. Hepatitis B can be transmitted through blood or other body fluids of someone else who is infected.

6. Hepatitis C is a lifelong illness and could lead to cirrhosis or liver cancer. There is still a search for a vaccine.

7. Hepatitis E can be transmitted through contaminated water.

8. Hepatitis E is found worldwide, but mainly in Asia.

9. For Hepatitis A, it can be transmitted also by contaminated water and food.

10. Epidemics can be explosive and cause significant economic loss.

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Where Would this Disease Mostly Prevelant in?

All Kinds of Hepatitis B, specifically, is most likely located in both rich and poor regions; Africa and Asia. It is a big deal worldwide, but a really big deal in Africa.

What Role Does Poverty Play in this Disease?

Families may not have enough money to pay for treatment. To get cheaper treatment, most people turn to herbal healers instead of going to a doctor.

Is Hepatitis Curable?

A four types of Hepatitis are not curable, but treatable. Researchers are still trying to find cures. Until then, there will just be vaccines.

How do Hepatitis Impact Africa?

A lot of people live with the illness, but some still die because it can lead to cancer.

Minor and Major Disease in Africa?

It is one of the major diseases because it's hard to find clean water in Africa and non-contaminated food.

What Can Africa do to limit this Disease?

Find ways to make clean water. Improve sanitation.