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CSSE's Weekly Newsletter - September 25, 2020

Important Dates

Fri., Sept. 25 NO SCHOOL! Teacher professional day

Mon., Sept 28 Happy birthday, Mrs. Hackett!

Tues., Sept. 29 Spirit Tee AND 2 o'clock Tuesday (2pm dismissal for all students)

Thurs., Oct. 1 8:15 am School Mass (5th-8th grades in church)

Fri., Oct. 2 8:15 am School Mass (1st-4th grades in church)

Sun., Oct. 4 Happy Birthday, Sra. Almeida!

Tues., Oct. 6 Spirit Tee AND 2 o'clock Tuesday (2pm dismissal for all students)

Wed., Oct. 7 Eat & Earn at Ted's on 68th & May from 5-9pm

Thurs., Oct. 8 8:15 am School Mass (5th-8th grades in church)

Fri., Oct. 9 8:15 am School Mass (1st-4th grades in church)

Check out the calendar on the school webpage for more!

Looking for a Volunteer Pianist!

We would love to have music in the church again! We are looking for a volunteer or two to play the piano for either or both school masses each week. If you or your student is willing to play some of the liturgical music, please let Mrs. Goldsworthy know.

Parent Information and Checklist

Mrs. Goldsworthy emailed all families this past Tuesday with an update on the school year. Please read through her letter and view attachments. Complete all items on the Parent Checklist. Some forms have deadlines.

New Info Collection Form - Travel and Gatherings

In communicating with the other schools, several have had quarantine cases, classrooms, and even an entire school. What we are finding is that the spread seems to be traced to get togethers, parties, and times where multiple families are together. We urge families to be cautious in your activities. We have also had several notifications of travel. Mrs. Goldsworthy appreciates families notifying her of their travel plans, and will continue to work with each family regarding return to school instructions. If this is elective travel, teachers are not required to provide work upfront. If you are planning to travel or attend a large "highest risk" gathering, please fill out the travel/large gatherings form to help us better track potential COVID problems.

Big picture

Lost Library Books

The library has opened, and students are happily checking out new books! However, Mrs. Hattaway is seeing a lot of notices on accounts for books that have been marked Lost because they are so long overdue. The library is missing more than $600 in books - many of which were brand new and on their first circulation! The library does not receive a budget for books or materials. All new books come from Book Fair proceeds or donations. Please check around for missing library books or send exact replacement cost to the library as listed on the notice (cash or check made out to CSSE). Paper notices went home in August and will be sent home again. Failure to return or pay for lost books will result in loss of library privileges and/or a financial hold. Please contact Mrs. Hattaway if you have any questions.

Arrive at Carpool On Time!

Don’t come early or late! For those who pick up in the south lot, make sure you are arriving at your designated pick up time! Dismissal is 2:45pm for middle school & 3:00pm 1st - 5th plus middle school siblings. If you are NOT middle school only, you should not join the pick up line before 2:55 pm. You will be asked to park in the center and go to the back of the line if you pull through too early.

Also, you should not be arriving early for 1st-8th carpool and driving through the north entrance to park in the carpool line. 1) It’s unfair to those who line up outside the Greystone gate according to the rules. 2) Our students are still out on the playground and parking lot until close to 2:45pm. The fewer cars that come through, the safer they are. You may only enter the north entrance during morning drop off and during the school day if you are picking up your student early.

PTO News

PTO Eat & Earn at Ted's on May on Wednesday, Oct. 7th! Eat & Earn for CSSE by dining in or ordering take out from Ted's (68th & May) on Wednesday, Oct. 7th from 5-9pm! Just mention St. Eugene, and Ted's will make a donation back to our school!

Eagle Excellence

Let us know about your student's achievements so we can celebrate their Eagle Excellence!

New! Family Feature Coming Soon!

We would like to start featuring a school family in every issue as a way for our community to get to know each other, even though we are practicing social distancing. If you would like to introduce your family to the rest of our community, please fill out this form and submit a family photo!

Church and Community

Mass is still celebrated daily at St. Eugene, and with the exception of school mass, masses are open for all to come and participate while following COVID precautions. Weekend masses are Saturday at 5pm, Sunday at 9:30am and 5pm in English, and Sunday at 12 noon and 7pm in Spanish. There are also weekday masses scheduled for your to attend. If you are not able to attend mass in person, please participate with your family online. All masses are streamed on the church’s Facebook. You may also stream via the church’s YouTube channel for weekend masses.

Mass Under the Heavens There will be a special bilingual outdoor mass celebrated on Saturday, Sept. 26th at 6:30pm in the south parking lot. Reconciliation begins at 6:00 under the trees. Refreshments will be served by the Hispanic community following mass.

Volunteer Needed in the Parish Office on Friday mornings. If you are interested or know someone who could help out from 8am-12:30pm on Fridays, please contact Sharon -

Please Pray For...

Please pray for Mrs. Hackett's stepfather who passed away this past week. May his family find comfort, and may he rest in peace. | Pray for all those who have been affected by Covid-19, whether by sickness, loss of job, isolation, or loneliness, etc. May all find strength, comfort and healing in this difficult time. | Pray for our staff who have been putting in many extra hours to prepare for the upcoming school year. Please pray for students and their families. May God grant us all patience and wisdom as we navigate a very different school year. Help us put our faith first and give grace to all.

If you would like to include something in the Prayer Requests section, please contact Kim Hattaway at

School News On Repeat

  • Absences Please use the Absentee Form to report absences AND email your child’s teacher/house homeroom. It is important to communicate why your child is missing school with the teacher and document through the Google form

  • . Please be meticulous in following directions if a child, household member, or close contact has recently tested positive for COVID or is awaiting results of a COVID test. NO ONE IN THE HOUSEHOLD MAY ENTER THE SCHOOL BUILDING if COVID exposure is positive OR in question. Mrs. Goldsworthy MUST clear your household for return to school in all cases where the possibility of COVID is involved. Please use for correspondence regarding illness updates to Mrs. Goldsworthy.

  • Screening Questions and Carpool Please remember to have your questions answered DAILY and results ready to show on your phone. Students should be masked, on the passenger side for temp checks, and ready to go as soon as carpool teacher opens the door.

  • Spirit Tee Tuesday is EVERY Tuesday! - Students may wear their regular uniform or a St. Eugene spirit tee with jeans or uniform bottoms. Don't forget ALL students dismiss at 2pm EVERY Tuesday!