Wednesday's Words

April 14, 2021

Dear Families,

It has been wonderful to have most of our students in our buildings these past two weeks. Our transition to a full return model has been smooth thanks to the efforts of our administrators, teachers and support staff. Students quickly adjusted to new schedules and safety protocols for lunch, recess and snack. There are many smiling eyes in the classrooms as both students and teachers are clearly enjoying being all together in person. Students in our fully remote model have become a strong classroom family this past school year and are continuing to forge ahead with their learning. We also want to thank our families because the success of this return wouldn’t have been possible without your support.

We have received some questions from our families regarding what the learning plans are for different quarantine situations. Decisions on whether individual students need to transition to remote learning or whether it may be necessary for a full class to temporarily shift to a remote platform are made on a case by case basis. Administrators and medical staff need to evaluate the number of students in the class who are identified as close contacts, whether the teacher or other support staff are required to quarantine and whether or not it is possible to have some students learning in school while others remain remote. We have had both situations arise at the H. Olive Day and the Freeman-Kennedy schools over the course of this year and each decision is unique and must consider a variety of factors. Below you will find a description of the learning plans for each scenario. (For more information about quarantine guidelines and the contact tracing process click here.)

Learning plans for students who are in quarantine: Please click on the link provided next to each plan.

The 2 learning plans for quarantining are:

  • Students need to quarantine in grades K-2 or grades 3-6 (LINK)

  • Entire class needs to shift from a full in person model to a remote model in order to quarantine K-6 (LINK)

We would like to ask our families to keep in mind that nurses have been placed under immense pressure this school year monitoring the health and well being of our students and staff. We are fortunate to have such an incredible team supporting our schools. We understand that receiving a phone call that your child is a close contact can be stressful, but please be mindful that our nurses are following the required protocols and procedures. If you have any questions about the district's quarantine protocols, please contact Dr. Allardi ( For questions regarding the learning models, please contact Victoria Saldana, Director of Curriculum (

Thank you again for your continued partnership as we enter the final months of the school year. We wish you a wonderful and safe April break!

Dr. Ingrid Allardi, Superintendent of Schools

Ms. Victoria Saldana, Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

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Attention Parents/Guardians of Freeman-Kennedy Students

Please be sure that your child's Chromebook is fully charged each night so they can successfully participate in class. This past week we have had several instances where students have brought in their device with little to no battery life creating a challenge for the student.

In order for you child to fully participate in using our rich resources they need to have a fully charged device.

Trish Kelley

Director of Technology

Travelling over April Vacation?🚗 ✈️ ⛵️

Just a reminder for those who may be travelling over the April vacation, we are asking all of our families to please adhere to the guidelines outlined in Governor Baker’s recent travel advisory. It is critical for our district that we take active measures to minimize the spread of Covid 19 in our schools. With reduced social distancing on school buses and in classrooms, when we have a positive case there are a greater number of students and staff members that are identified as close contacts and required to quarantine. This has an impact on children’s learning experiences, as well as on the health of our school community. Please review the travel guidelines closely if you are planning a trip outside of the state that will last for over 24 hours.

Click here to review the Travel Guidelines.

Additionally, we would like to remind all families to keep students home from school if they exhibit any symptoms of Covid 19 or if a family member is sick and awaiting a Covid 19 test result. We are working hard to support the district transition to full in person learning and are seeking your cooperation in order to continue to keep as many students as possible learning in person with their teachers and peers!

Back to School Poem by Nathan Smith, Grade 3

We’re back in school,

With spaced out desks,

Make sure everyone

Follows the rule.

22 students ready to learn,

One recess. BOO-HOO.

Make sure you get a good night’s sleep,

Because for now you’re in school,

Five days a week!

Grade 1 - Reading and Phonics

Grade 3 - Weather and Climate Unit

Grade 3 - Preparing Appreciation Cards for Grocery Store Employees

Grade 3 - STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering and Math)

Grade 3 - Community Building