The 4th Grade at the S.U.E.S

By: Janai Negroni

From Truman to S.U.E.S

To all of the future 4th graders there is nothing to be afraid of. I know that you think that the S.U.E.S is a little bit scary but it really isn't. All the rumors that you heard about the U.E.S. is all a lie. The teachers are not mean they are awesome. This year I experienced a field Day that I will never forget. I do miss Truman a lot but I bet when I leave S.U.E.S I bet I will miss it as much. In the S.U.E.S there are as many activities just like all of the elementary schools our Feild Day is pretty cool. On Feild Day we have a DJ, Italian Ice, Rock wall, Water activities, volleyball, free pizza and much more. I had the best time at Feild Day with all of my friends and classmates.

Hope you have a good time at the S.U.E.S

See You Next Year!!!! Remember don't be scared!