Slopestyle Snowboarding

By: Madison Tritle

Slopestyle snowboarding in the Olympics

Slopestyle snowboarding/skiing is performed on specially made trails at ski mountains. These trails, called "Terrain Parks" or "Jib Parks", are filled with various types of jumps and other obstacles. One obstacle that can be found on most terrain parks is the jump, or "kicker." Jumps on a slopestyle course can be as big or small as needed, but most range from 20 to 80 feet long. This measurement is taken from the end of the face of the jump all the way to the tip of the landing.

How to win


Each tick is judged by teams of two. They focus on just one obstacle in the Slopestyle, and one hit in the Halfpipe. Judges will concentrate their judging values on Amplitude, Difficulty and Execution.Each OI judge focuses on the overall impact of the run over the entire course. Judges will concentrate their judging values on Variation, Style and Combinations.