Weekly Update

Feb. 17-23


This Week was a little more stressful than usual because my parents were out of the country all week, so I was in charge of house, 2 dogs, and a 16 year old boy whose hormonal emotions change every two minutes. So sleep was on the short side with 5:00am wake ups almost every day, and late nights driving or studying for my online test due on Sunday.

  • Monday- NO SCHOOL
  • Tuesday- Spoke at Boone County Retired Teachers Luncheon- met my mom's old 8th grade teacher and my uncles soccer coach from Hickman...it was so cool to hear their stories about my mom when she was in school! Spoke on experiences in classroom and schools as Miss MO.
  • Then Drove to STL to speak at the Women's Electrical Board Meeting about CASA Then Drove back to Columbia.
  • Wednesday- Drove back to STL to visit Mason Elementary School, spoke to all grades pre-k to 6th grade, met Sydney Friar's cousin!
  • Drove back to Columbia to be a celebrity judge at Rock Bridge High School's lip sync "Golden Cow" tradition fundraiser! It was hilarious!
  • Thursday- Jeff City Lewis and Clark Middle School- spoke with all girls 6th-8th on keeping a bucket list, how that got me where I am and understanding that you are enough and the only person who's opinion matters at the end of the day is who you see in the mirror.

  • Friday- Antioch Middle School, Kansas City- spoke on keeping a bucket list and how you want to be remembered.

  • Saturday- Drove to Springfield the co-MC Miss MO State University with Erica. Tippe was there and it was the first time I have seen her since Miss MO! She gave me the Miss MO emergency box that has been passed down like the past ten years! It was actually really nice to talk to her about all you're feeling at this point of the year and what's to come as the year closes out.
  • Sunday- got home at 1:30 (sorry!), couldn't fall asleep until 2:30 even though, for the first time, I was literally as tired as I was at Miss America, then my dogs woke me up at 7:00 to feed them. I keep telling myself I can sleep in June! Took my test and got a 92%, so no sleep was worth it!

Miles Traveled

Week: 1,185

Total Overall: 15,664.1+ 1,185= 16,849.1 Miles Traveled


Up to almost 160 RSVPs and 40 silent auction items! Now the chaos of last two weeks begins! AAHHH!!!! :)