Room 1219 Newsletter

December 2012

December will be a busy month. We have new stories to read, stories to edit and revise, new concepts to learn, assemblies, a field trip, and a holiday party. As we get closer to the Winter Break, it can be difficult to keep the attention on school work for me and the children. I am sure we will do our best to work hard up until our last day in December, Friday the 21st. I hope you have fun holidays and a happy new year. I look forward to seeing the bright eyed students on Monday, January 7th, ready to get back to work.

Curriculum Update

Language Arts: We are going to begin some practice reading nonfiction texts. We will continue to practice spelling and vocabulary with tests on alternate weeks. The next vocabulary test is Tuesday, December 11. The children just finished writing a story. This trimester we will continue to revise and edit the story. The students' second trimester AR goal has increased. Please ask your child about their goal.

Mathematics: Unit 4 is about fractions. The fraction concepts are similar to what they learned in fifth grade, but the practice is with more difficult fractions and mixed numbers. This unit also includes decimal and percent conversions.

Science: Sixth grade science is all about Earth Science. We have been studying about Earth's Land and Water, land biomes, water ecosystems and California ecosystems. Ask your child about their group project for land biomes. We will also be creating another project about water ecosystems.

Social Studies: Sixth Grade history is all about ancient civilizations. Ask your child what civilization they are learning about their history class with Mrs. Barnes.

Dates to Remember

December 3-7 Holiday Toy and Book Drive
December 6 Barnes & Noble Book Fair
December 19 Field Trip to California Science Center
December 20 Spelling Bee
December 21 Flag Ceremony
December 24-Jan 4 Winter Break