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Media Literacy in our world toay

Media Literacy

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The media in it definition means the mass communication regarding television, radio, newspaper, internet etc. Any place where we can acquire knowledge on current events in society is referred to as the media. Media literacy is the ability to access, analyze, evaluate and create media. In today's society our younger generations tend to be more media literate due to their understanding with new advancements in technology. Every day we encounter some form of media in some way whether it be through School, watching TV, Billboards, magazines, commercials, video games, and music are all forms of media. In today’s evolving world it has become more significant that we learn to be media literate so that we can keep up with the current events in our world today. There are different kinds of media in our world today, good media and also bad media. Everything that is release to the media is not always necessarily good. Media can contain many lie as a matter of fact; but the point of the media is ultimately to inform views what news is current right now. Our current events in this world are very important. It is extremely important to know what is happening around you and what is going on in the world around you. Media have a great influence on our lives.

My Modest Proposal

This is a desolate motion to those who unfortunately have become enslaved by the fortification of negligent, faulty, and second rate media and social media. Today's youth as well as elders have horribly misused today's new and advancing technology; instead of taking these advantages to better generations to become more efficient and effective social wise it is in fact slowly but surely ruining the upcoming generations before they even get the chance to begin. I believe that it is safe to say our fellow Americans are entirely too invested in today's technology, yet in the wrong ways. Social Networks such a Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Vine and many more to follow do an excellent job at putting spotlight on negative aspects of life. While many of the popular things that are tending now-a-days can be extremely entertaining, it also can be a huge factor in why Americans tend lose sight of practical real life situations and responsibilities. Regardless of the time that you spend in a social network, you are put at greater risk to be influenced by one thing or another. Today more adults and children rather sit and network rather than go outside and enjoy the God given gifts of life; much less even taking the free pleasures of those God given gifts into account. also kids in school seem to act up more and more now a days. how to fix this? since social network seems to bring about such a large interest, the creators can promote more notifications about positive things, current events in our world today, and so on and so forth.

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Childhood fear

As a kid, I was deathly afraid of Elevators. Growing up in the state of New York, I was forced to have many dreadful in-counters with the horrible labor saving hoist. The reason why I believe my fear was so tenacious was mostly due to the fact that I watched entirely to much television as a child. The television shows, which sometimes showed the most compelling as well as my favorite characters getting stuck in elevators frightened me. Those shows brought about the thought in my head, If people like that get stuck in elevators and bad things happen to them then what's stopping something so horrible happening to me? my conclusion was NOTHING. Another factor that robustly contributed to my fear was seeing how elevators operated. Through my naive eye I saw that a huge elevator was connected to nothing but a string and that if to many people were on it at a time it could easily break and we would all fall deep into the ground and die. thankfully though nothing horrible ever happened to me on a elevator so far throughout my life, so I was somehow able to disregard the fearful emotions towards them as I grow older and more mature.
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History Section (Renaissance era)

It was an era of cultural crisis of Europe after the devastations caused by the Red Death. The explorers like Columbus and Vasco da Gaman were looked down upon by the people of our world, for changing the way the world looked on the maps. The people felt i was unnecessary action made by these explorers. Indians lead to the discovery of new civilizations. Yet knowledge was still limited to the scriptures and the educated were still limited to the priests and monks. In some places books began to be printed maps but only for the Indians because they could do whatever they wanted and were penalized by no man. Columbus and Vasco were imprisoned after attempting to change the way we saw maps. Still civilians had little knowledge when it came to books on poetry, travel and almanacs. Though they were fine with this because they felt they already had everything they needed to maintain. Renaissance gave the world little artistic freedom. Picasso, Vinci, Michelangelo, and a large number of other artists protested and ran riots to get the idea of art to exist , they felt that there works were of wonder and that they were beyond any word of appraisal. Those three artist in particular were all thrown in jail for their artistic behavior. The world was against any cultural breakthrough during this time. To knowledge creativity was equivalent to the want to be in jail. of the men of that era still makes the world wonder in utter amazement. Artist of all kind argued that this cultural breakthrough would guide the world to becoming more enriching, but they were completely wrong about there theory the world without artistic thought is best. Instead of the artistic it is more important to think about the realist of the world and to throw anyone who may disagree in jail.

-I rewrote this time in in history because the world would be so much different if we dident have this time goes as it actually did, art wouldent be the same, people would not be who they are without the renaissance era

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Potest on police injustic speech

We have no trust in our own protection. How is it that we in our growing world today have no trust in in our protection system. How is it that riffles aren't used for defense and apprehensions rather used out of spite and triggered at our innocent brothers. how is it that our unarmed teens are being victimized and killed by our lawful protection system. This issue pinpoints no race, it pinpoints no particular group. When one American goes through tragedy us as Americans should see it as our duty to make it our issue as well and fight the unfair and unjustified unruly behavior. It is despicable just to think about how our system has failed us greatly. The people in society who are looked upon to fight injustice have triggered uneasy relations between there citizens. It is easy to feel unprotected under a corrupt system in which the police is not penalized for there unruly behavior and if they are penalized the process takes extremely long and answers are hard to seek during the time between the crime and the verdict. We must stand as a people, as a unified from to fight the injustice of our system. Although our system has failed us, we will not fail to follow through when it comes to having justice for all. Just because our system lacks and falls short we will not lack nor will we give in to any actions we see as unjustified. Because we need justice for our incent brothers who lost their life's to carless officers who pulled the trigger without a second thought. we seek justice. we seek justice today. we seek justice everyday. we seek justice until justice is served

The World is Coming to an End

The world is coming to an end. We all are aware of the growing issues in this world; although we are aware we aren't doing much in regards to fix it. Newer generations of our world today are becoming more and more corrupt as they come. Our government leaders are corrupt. Many school systems are corrupt. Our economy is corrupt. Our relations between county to county also corrupt. So the question is what caused all of this corruption in our current society today? The fact that people in this generation have lost sight of the simple things in life rather than being so invested in new advancements in today's and being up to date on new trends. Rather than working harder and focusing our attention on big issues and peace ways to come together in hopes to put our issues to an end. Instead our society today has been subdued to social media posting and updates on how feel about certain issues but not to many solutions on how to fix these problems. Our society today has so many opinions on how the world should really be but no real opposition to change the direction of the world. The direction of the world is spiraling downward due to the careless and mindless actions of our people in today. There are too many people just going through the motions of life rather than actually living life. God given gifts on this are rarely utilized. Rather than using these natural resources we destroy and build to ultimately diminish beautiful fields that can be replenished and groomed to stay as they are. The children of the generations to come are the only option to turn to when it comes to fixing this corruption. As the years go on the lines for the new pair of jays are loner than graduation lines, time spent on social network kills the amount of time we spend studying or completing our homework. Less and less research is being done and more time is being lost. As a great man once said "we must be the change we want to see in the world". The task of changing our world and steering it in a new direction lies within us, responsibility for change is on us, the newer generation. If we all stick together and remain focused on the ultimate goal we will one day witness change. It takes every individual to step up and make a change for the better. There is no greater force on this plant than unity!

Dystopian Like Trends Today

There are many dystopian like tends in today's society. One of them is Smartphones, as time goes on it has become more sought after by many Americans. This advancement in technology has led many of us to simple shortcuts to everyday task. Being that the smartphones are so common in everyday activity it has become more and more apparent that all of us have them. Smartphones offer more advanced computing power as well as voice call and mms sms capabilities; in other words these handy devices help us to be connected. Aside from the assigned use of these devices they are also very trendy and help us look "cool". Many times if you don't have a smartphone you aren't connected as well as others due to certain popular things in today's world such as social media. Kids and even adults stay connected threw websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so much more. The trend is dystopian like because basically everyone is doing it. The ratio between people in today's society that have a smart phone and the ones who don't speaks for itself. This tend can be translated as either good or bad, but whatever side that you choose smartphones have been imbedded in our everyday lives, educators are even applying them in there lessons. In my personal experiences I can revert to several times my teachers have done so. Smartphones are one of many dystopian like trends in your society and the list continues to grow as our technology advances and our generations continue to grow.
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Coldplay- Spies Lyrics


Spies by Coldplay is a perfect theme song for 1984. In the song the artist expresses how he is a fugitive. Winston alike this artist is a fugitive in Oceania. Winston's job in the ministry of truth entails falsify records so certain elements of past history will be forgotten. Ironically in the song Coldplay says that they have forgotten everything that they've learned. In the book of 1984 there where spies in everywhere watching your every move to make sure you were not disobeying the party. The song quotes "there are spies in every corner." In the book the citizens were forced to forget anything that they might possibly believe and conform their thoughts to whatever the party believes at the moment; the song ask, "what do I know, show me the right way to go" . this is in relation to the citizens seeking their answers from the party rather than being able to find the answers within themselves. The hook of the song say "you cant touch them no, because their all spies" in the book everyone is out to get whoever betrays the beliefs of the party, so none can overthrow their beliefs because they are the bulk of the population, you can never learn who to trust and Winston undergoes this struggle in the book 1984.

Police Injustic Protest

Thursday, Dec. 25th, 7pm

Washington, DC, United States

Washington, DC


During this course of Media Literacy i have learned many valuable lessons regarding the media, what it means to be media literate, and also how big of an impact the media has on our lives. Not only did i learn many things in regards to being media literate i also learned a lot about my own view on how i feel about certain issues. When writing my smore entries, i generated a lot of thoughts and ideas just by simply researching the different topics. Moving forward from this course experience i will take away a lot of new knowledge and insightful thoughts that i have acquired during this period of time. One of the mean things that i enjoyed was the spoken word section because the speech was very interesting i was able to share it with my family and friends outside of school. I have never taking a language arts class where i have been able to go home and share some of the things that I’ve learn about with my family, due to the fact that the material wasn’t that interesting. In spite of my past experiences where that circumstance was true regarding Language Arts, It was definitely not the case during this class. Being that the material was interesting and intriguing to me made the work easier to do because it was enjoyable. I personally enjoyed every aspect of this course and see that no changes that need to be made!