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Could anyone please bring in King Cakes for 6B. They are for "Fat Tuesday". The class would really appreciate it.

The Battle for Truth, Justice, and the English Language Continues

The sixth grade is slowly continuing their way through the eight parts of speech. The class just finished adjectives, and we have moved onto adverbs. The students are completing an adverb poem based on a favorite character. The students are getting faster at identifying these different parts of speech. Some students are getting so much better with their diagrams. They have a packet with a sample diagram for every possibility. This seemed to help.

They have been doing some great creative work both on adjectives and adverbs. So many of them have stuck with it and not given up, and this has made a big difference. The projects and memory quizzes are designed to help the students visualize these different parts. They also give the students a chance for success, especially if they don't do as well on tests.

Nolan Play

The sixth grade has been invited to Nolan High School to see the play Shrek. This will be at the beginning of March. Two former SMG students have the lead roles. We will have more information when it is finalized.