Wildcat Web Wrap Up

Wilkinson Middle School, Madison District Public Schools

Spring 2014 Issue 3

by Kimberly Cunningham (resident "techie")


Spring is finally here!

I had the opportunity to attend the 2014 MACUL (Michigan Association of Computer Users and Learners) Ignite learning Conference this year in March. This issue of the Wildcat Web Wrap Up is devoted to what I learned at the conference.

This year's conference was outstanding. I am still reading through the digital links, handouts, and notes from the conference. This issue is full of information. I call this a three cups of coffee edition. Enjoy!

Augmented Reality/Interactive Print

The most exciting topic at this year's conference was augmented reality. This new technology uses Android/Apple devices to add sound, animation, and/or video to text creating 3-dimensional interactions that are engaging and breath taking. This relatively new technology is shaping how we communicate information in schools and businesses everyday. Both industries are seeing the rise of new businesses and print media that incorporate this new technology.

Augmented reality, like QR codes, uses an image to instantly upload web media to print media. The major difference is that augmented reality apps use complex images that can be in the form of a photo and/or text. These images are called "auras". QR codes are limited to only the familiar square symbolic code. Augmented reality apps use the camera on a device to recognize an "aura" and sync the assigned media to web content in real-time. I have attached an 8 min TED talk demonstrating the power of this new technology below this article.

Suggestions for use in schools from the conference:

Interactive Flash Cards: Place a problem on one side and the solution on the back that when scanned by a device will play a video demonstrating how to solve the problem. A modification on this idea for science is to have students scan images of scientific tools with videos showing the tool in use.

Interactive Word Wall: Place words on the wall and when scanned by a device the word is pronounced. A modification on this idea for math is to have students scan a shape or formula and a video of a practice problem or real life application video will play.

Homework Help: Students can scan the question and get a link to a website with more information about the problem and/or how to work the problem.

Timelines: Attach videos, pictures, and/or facts to a timeline events.

Scavenger Hunts: Hide clues around the school or your classroom that when scanned by the device provide clues to the next clue.

Getting started with augmented reality will require additional applications for creating videos. Some suggested video creation apps suggested at the conference were:




Show Me



Screen Chomp

Explain Everything

Learn more about augmented reality by visiting the links below:

Augmented Reality Companies discussed at the Conference:





Publications/Websites About Augmented Reality in the Classroom

Edutopia Augmented Reality Brings New Dimensions to Learning (Nov 2013)

TeachThought 32 Augmented Reality Apps for the Classroom From edshelf (Sept 2013)

Free Technology For Teachers Best of 2013 So Far..5 Uses of Augmented Reality In Education (July 2013)

Two Guys and Some IPads

Brain Space Magazine A new augmented reality magazine

Guinness Book of Records 2014 A publication with augmented reality pages. I participated in a demonstration where the world's shortest woman appeared as a 3-D hologram image standing on pages in the book. Looking through the IPad you could see her and the participant standing side by side as she waved and turned. WOW!!! Another demonstration from the world's tallest peak was also breath taking. As you turn the IPad around the room you could see the sky, vista, and ground as if you were there.

Below this article I have attached video of two apps that were demonstrated at the conference. I was amazed by the visuals created from simple paper printouts.

Puteko - colAR Mix App
Elements 4D Interactive Blocks

Strengthen your PLN Through Social Media

I attended a great session about using social media to strengthen your Personal Learning Network (PLN). Presenter: Rebecca Admins. Here is a link to her Prezi Presentation

She reviewed the different types of social media available for connecting educators. Here is a brief synopsis of what she presented:

Blogs are up to date collections of opinions, reflections, and ideas on a specific topic.

Finding a great blog can be difficult. A website for locating a blog for a specific interest is Bloglovin. A new trend in blogging are blog parties that meet daily, weekly, and/or monthly. A website that facilitates these sessions is Linky

Pinterest collect web resources using this tool and share your collection with others

Twitter share ideas through text. Use hash tags to locate topics of interest. The most common hashtag for educators is #edchat . You can find additional educational hash tags at Cybraryman's Webpage of Educational Hashtags

Manage your Twitter account using the websites:

Tweet Deck

Tweet Bot

Instagram Share ideas through pictures

Building a strong PLN takes time. She suggested that you start small and before you know it you will have created a great supportive educational network that will enhance your teaching, and you can create your own social media footprint to share your teaching experiences.

The Wildcat Technology Buzzzzzzzz!

This is a synopsis of the content presented in a session by Leslie Fisher on Gadgets. She is a dynamic presenter and her Gadgets session is always full of great content.

Enjoy Gadgets 2014!!


Flip Phone Alternatives

The flip phone is gone but a great replacement are the Sony Bloggies/Webbies and the latest version of the Sony Action Cam

Website: Sony Action Cam

Drone Camera

A flying camera that you can control with your mobile devices


Panoramic Ball Camera

A spherical shaped camera that will create 360 degree images.

Website: http://www.panono.com/v/326/

Website: http://www.serveball.com/

Presentation Aides:

Screen Leap

Share your screen instantly using this web based program.

Website: http://www.screenleap.com/

IPevo Interactive Whiteboard System

Transform any flat surface into a an interactive whiteboard

Website: http://www.ipevo.com/prods/IPEVO-IS-01-Interactive-Whiteboard-System

Device Controllers:

Leap Motion Controller

Control your computer using air gestures and hand movements

Website: https://www.leapmotion.com/

Control your mobile devices

Website: http://www.celluon.com/

The Eye Tribe Motion Controller

Control your computer or mobile device scroll with the movement of your eyes.

Website: https://theeyetribe.com/

Wearable Technologies:

Google Glass

A wearable computer in the form of a pair of glasses.

Webstie: http://www.google.com/glass/start/

Fitness Bands

Keep track of you fitness and health routines with wearable technologies that work with your Apple/Android device.




Smart Watches

Communicate with your mobile device hands free using your watch




Translate traffic signs/documents immediately to another language with your Ipad.

Word Lens

Draw your own video games that you can share and publish online

Pixel Press

But wait there is more....Here is a link to the handout from this session. I listed the Gadgets that caught my attention: Gadgets Handout

Potpourri of Great Websites from the MACUL Conference

By subject:

Social Studies/ELA

The presenter at the Create Compose Connect session used these books to teach students the difference between argument and persuasive writing. Students review the crime scenes and list what they see and then go over the list crossing out unimportant facts that will not solve the crime. They then create a thesis and write an argumentative writing. The books can be found at: Amazon


Geoboard App



Periodic Table of Elements Video Wall

All Subjects:

Teachers pay Teachers QR code activities

Online Quiz Website

Website of Virtual Field Trips for all Subjects There really is something here for everyone!!!

Tech N Teach Website (various topics currently How to create/use Infographics)

Web 2.0 Symbaloo

Mind Meister

Presenter Websites:

Leslie Fisher (Great How to links)

EduTecher.net founder Adam Bellow

Apps to Strut Your Stuff Carolyn McCarthy

Appoholic List by Dave Tchozewski main website (Great How to links)

Reading Writing and Learning with digital Tools

Next Vista for Learning Rushton Hurley (free educational videos by content)

About me

I have been integrating technology in the classroom for over 20 years. I enjoy helping parents, students, and teachers with finding and using technologies that enhance our lives.