Elementary Math and Science Update

May 2015

End of Year Countdown

While we are coming to the end of a fantastic year, it's not over yet! There is much more to teach and learn during this last month of school. Keep up the great work, and keep those students engaged and excited right up to the last day in June.

District Science Fair

Excitement is in the air as our first District Science Fair (in quite a few years) is just around the corner! Campus science fairs are underway, and students are researching, experimenting, and designing projects as we speak (you read.)

Just a few reminders:

  • Projects at K - 2 are EXHIBITS. An exhibit is a display or model of what children have learned from doing research and exploring a particular topic. There may be some elements of an experiment involved; however, the final product shows all of the great learning that took place.

  • Projects at grades 3 - 5 are EXPERIMENTS. An experiment answers a question! These take some time, and the results are presented as the final product.

For ideas and resources that will help you to help your students create the BEST projects ever, do some research of your own! You can start with the LIVE BINDER that I have created where you will find some fantastic resources! A link to the live binder is below. Remember, the password is science! You are sure to find many more ideas and resources as you explore the internet, the library, and talk with each other!

Good Luck with all of your projects! I hope to be out on campuses to see as many as I can, and I look forward to seeing the top projects as they are entered in the District Science Fair!

Summer Training

There will be several training opportunities this summer in math and science. Be sure to talk with your campus administrators and coaches for all of the details. Training sessions will be available for registration in Eduphoria by May 15.

Curriculum Survey

Thank you to every teacher who took the time to complete a survey! All of the curriculum specialists appreciate your feedback and your honesty! The feedback we received will help us to modify curriculum and the curriculum documents so that next year is even better! It is honestly SO informative to hear directly from teachers what works and what doesn't work, and we can't thank you enough!

I know it's often intimidating to fill out information in a survey and have it go to your central office administrators - and have it include your name! Your willingness to participate in the survey is a true example of your professionalism and commitment to our students in Sheldon, and to education in general! Please know that your comments will ONLY be used in a professional manner, and they will not be used to make judgement of any kind!

Again, thanks so much for helping us to help you and your students!!