Oxbridge Academic Programs

Give in your applications fast before enrollment stops!

Oxbridge Programs

Oxbridge is a collaboration of Oxford University and Cambridge University. Oxbridge every summer has various programs for students from all over the world. You can even apply for scholarships!

Programs are for High School students!

If you are currently in grade 9 to 12 you are most welcome to apply for the program you wish to attend! Apply this year tohave an amazing summer next year! This is the right time to apply. Get your transcripts and required scores for the program you wish to apply for ready


It is guaranteed that you will productively spend your next summer studying the subjects you like!

Have questions?

Clows2010@rediffmail.com - forward them here and we will reply! We have attended the programs before and would love to guide you through the entire process

Be sure to spread the word!

Spending summer alone can be very depressing! Tell you friends about this and apply together.