Trophy Ridge Newsletter

May 2014

Are You Prepared For An Emergency?

An emergency is defined as "an unforeseen combination of circumstances or the resulting state that calls for immediate action." An emergency doesn't necessarily mean a disaster. It could meant that your child needs a copy of his birth certificate to register for school, or you need a copy of the pink slip for your automobile when a brand new set of wheels catches your eye. If you don't already have important papers together in a safe place, maybe this is a good month to buy a small fireproof box and gather those papers together that might include:

  • Wills, social security cards, passports, birth certificates, divorce and custody decrees, immigration documents.
  • Property deeds, mortgage company address and phone number, homeowners and life insurance policies and phone numbers, copies of health insurance card and phone numbers.
  • Inoculation records, health records, doctors and dentists names, addresses and phone numbers.
  • Auto ownership papers, auto insurance policies and phone numbers, drivers and auto license numbers.
  • Credit card numbers, addresses and phone numbers for outstanding loans.
  • Stock and securities certificates, address and phone number of broker, bank account numbers, addresses and phone numbers of banks.
  • A current copy of your employment resume, as well as a list of previous home addresses and dates of residence.
  • An extra copy of your address book, complete with phone numbers and addresses of friends, relatives and professional resources.

You'll be surprised at how useful it will be to have this information in order and accessible.

Playground Construction

The Board approved the replacement of the neighborhood playset by the pool. Construction is set to begin on a new play system during May. The new playground will be commercial-grade, with many new features for a wide variety of ages. New features will include a tire climber, clubhouse, track ride, a gyro pod, and a log roll. The existing playset will be removed, and construction is estimated to be completed by early June. We are looking forward to providing many years of fun for our neighborhood children.

Our Committees - We Need You!

The success of our association depends upon getting our members involved in the

various committees that the Board of Directors depends upon for support and guidance. Volunteering to serve on one of the associations committees is a great way to

become involved and contribute to our community.

An attractive feature of living in a community association is that it eliminates much of the responsibility of home ownership. But the price of that convenience is sometimes the creation of an atmosphere of apathy. As owners in community associations we tend to allow that elite group known as "them" or "they" to operate the association, attend related meetings and make important community decisions. However, we need to realize that "them" and "they" are always made up of "I", "We", "You" and "Us".

The Board of Directors is looking for homeowners who are interested in volunteering to serve on an Association committee. Contact our Association Manager for more information.


Tuesday, May 20th, 6pm

10803 Manor Creek

San Antonio, TX

Trophy Ridge Cabana

More details to follow.

May Events in San Antonio

Features live performances by more than 20 of the best musical groups from traditional Conjunto to progressive Tejano. Rosedale Park. Admission.
Giving wine and food aficionados one more thing to be thankful for this May, the Festival will showcase the Alamo City's finest restaurants and chefs as well as celebrity guests from Mexico, Miami, Manhattan and all over Texas as it celebrates San Antonio as a premier wine and food destination and an important culinary and cultural gateway to Mexico and Latin America.
A river parade dedicated to the men and women of the Armed Forces. On Armed Forces Day, Saturday, May 17th, 2014, approximately 25 professionally decorated floats will travel down the River Walk, themed according to their participants — all branches of service, veterans of recent conflicts, military support groups, etc. The floats will feature live entertainment from military groups, as well as local artists who wish to dedicate their talents to honor the troops.
One of San Antonio’s best jazz festivals returns for its 12th season! The San Antonio Summer Art & Jazz Festival is a free, three-day event featuring an outstanding lineup of local and nationally known jazz artists, an arts & crafts fair, and delicious local foods.
A San Antonio tradition, this performance features songs and dances of Mexico, Spain, Argentina and Texas and occurs Friday and Saturday evenings at the River Walk’s historic Arneson River Theatre.


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