O . S . N . A . P

Oil Shortage National Awareness Project


America has a problem with its oil and it's starting to become scarce. There are two sides of this problem: the domestic issue and the foreign issue.

Since America is the #1 user of oil, the fact that it is running scarce is a pretty huge issue for us. Oil demand has become higher, as have the prices. This can lead us into a long term issue with oil, which technically has already began. Action to reduce the severity of this issue can be taken, which will be discussed later.

On the foreign side, many powerful OPEC countries are using their vast possession of oil as a weapon. America purchasing the oil of some Islamic nations has us founding terrorism without even knowing it. This is why becoming oil independent can help not only on the domestic side, but the foreign front as well.

America's Oil Problem


In order to become oil independent, we have to understand why we must do this. This means that we have to all fully understand the domestic and foreign sides of this issue, as well as have an open mind about different solutions .
We already know that America is the #1 user of oil in the world. Although this may not change any time soon, we could start to solve the domestic issue by trying to lower our oil consumption. This can be done by investing in alternative fuels. Flex-Fuel Vehicles (FFV's) can run on other fuels that are created cleaner with less of an impact on out issue. Brazil is currently the leader in terms of FFV usage, and we can also be a part of the economical and beneficial trend.
A step to becoming less dependent on foreign oil is improving our personal fracturing here in the U.S. Hydraulic fracturing is the way of the future, as it will eventually put an end to mindless fracturing that goes nowhere and cost an arm and a leg. Hydraulic fracturing is extracting the oil from shale thousands of feet below the ground, something that not until recently could be done. Here is an animation that shows the process.
Animation of Hydraulic Fracturing (fracking)
As America extracts more and more oil from the rocks thousands of feet in the ground, we can change things on the foreign side of the issue. Currently, the U.S. exports a minuscule amount of oil, but with our new technologies, we can change that. That along with our expanded fuel options will bring us close to finally solving the problem.
Through hydraulic fracturing and the incredibly high prices of foreign oil, the U.S. is predicted to overtake Saudi Arabia as the world's biggest oil producer. This will drastically change the position of the U.S. in the global market, and trade with Asia will be revolutionized. America will not only be able to take care of itself, but it will become a leader in the world's oil industry.


Ultimately, our goal is not only to bring the U.S. into a smarter and more efficient position in the global market, but also to affect the big picture. Oil money has founded some of the world's worst conflicts, short and long term. Currently, the money that we pay to certain Islamic OPEC nations is being used to fund terrorism.

The simple fact that a good amount of the OPEC countries are dangerous and are aware that we are reliant on them is a very important reason as the why we should follow the above steps and grow closer to becoming oil independent.

America becoming less reliant on the Middle East and becoming self sufficient can bring us closer not only to economic recovery, but also can bring us closer to ending terror that we have been unknowingly funding. This is not to say that that is where all the money has gone, but in the case of Middle Eastern OPEC nations, that is an undeniable truth.

These steps will benefit us and the international oil market greatly.