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A new twist on old thoughts

Frayer Model

Graphic organizers are essential in any classroom. They provide focused organization to attain specific details for critical thinking. As such, the Frayer model is a popular organizer used for vocabulary development.

Let's give it a tech reboot!

Traditional Method

This graphic organizer was designed by Dorothy Frayer and colleagues at the University of Wisconsin. This method emphasized vocabulary development by not only defining the word but also providing applicable information.

Frayer Models have a page divided into four equal areas. The center is accentuated for the topic. The four areas focus on definition, characteristics, examples and non-examples.

Refresh It!

Frayer Model Samples

Use the Thinglink template so students can add nubbins with media attached to it. I chose Pic Collage because of its ease of use and capability to add text and manipulate images. Samples for both are below.
Below is an example I completed using PicCollage.
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Last one...

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Prime Number Frayer Model with Popplet Lite

But wait, there's one more option

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