Mrs. Schwarzkopfs Newsletter


Last week students worked really hard as we worked to catch up on missed time from our snow days. I wish we had more time for everything we have to cover in math...but we most certainly do not! This week we begin a new unit covering measurement. Our focus for this week will be area, perimeter, and volume. We will be taking notes, watching videos, and completing hands on activities as we work through these problems.

Multiplication Quiz

Multiplication quizzes will continue to be given every Thursday, so please remind your student to practice their facts! For those who have passed every quiz since we started, they are about 3 away from earning their license and taking their place in our movie celebration party! Once they have earned their license, they will continue to have a mixed facts quiz every week from now until the end of the school year.


Both classes did an excellent job with their homework this past week! We were very close to 100% completion. Please remember that these homework assignments are to help our students with continuous practice in their problems solving skills. I'm looking for students to use the techniques we've spoken about for months. Circle important numbers, underline labels, box in key words, re-read their problems & re-work their problems when needed.


We will be wrapping up our study of inherited traits and learned behaviors. Tuesday we will have our vocabulary quiz, as well as review for our unit exam that will be administered on Wednesday. At the end of the week we will begin our new health unit. This will be a 7 day unit in which students will learn about nutrition and body systems. It will not have a unit exam upon completion.

Important Dates

Monday - Study Science Unit 7 vocabulary words

Tuesday - Science Vocabulary Quiz

Wednesday - Science Unit Exam

Thursday - Multiplication Quiz