Little Beauty

Anthony Browne

Litttle Beauty

Once upon a time there was a very special gorilla that was taught to use a sign laguage.

If there was anything he wanted he could ask his keepers for it by using his hands to sign.

It seemed that he had everything he needed.But he was sad.One day he signed to his keepers "I...Want..A..Friend."There were no other gorillas at the zoo and at first the keepers didn't know what to do.Then one of them had a idea.They gave a little friend called beauty.

"Don't eat her,"said one of the keepers.But the gorilla loved beauty.He gave her milk,and honey.And they were happy.They did EVERYTHING together.They were happy for a long time....untill one night they watched a film toether.The gorilla became more and more upset,the keepers rushed in."Who broke the television?"said one."we'll have to take beauty away now,"said another.The gorilla looked at beauty.Beauty looked at gorilla.Then she started to sign...."It was ME! i broke the television!" everyone laughed.And do you know that happended? beauty and the gorilla lived happily ever after.

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