the story of my life

written by Rosa Parks

my childhood

  • born in tuskegee , alabama
  • grew up very scared because of my race
  • my mother and grandfather were a great impact o my life

before the famous bus ride

  • worked as a seamstress
  • husband named Raymon
  • no children

and the ride begins

the day of my famous ride

  • got off early
  • payed my fine
  • went to the back of the bus,were not enough seats
  • sat in mixed section by a friend
  • white man boards the bus
  • i refused to move
  • i was tired of whites getting there way
  • i was arrested

life after the ride

  • a bus boycott started
  • lasted 381 days
  • one of the biggest civil rights movements ever
  • stated small ended big


  • made a difference in afican American lifes everywhere
  • one of the biggest boycotts in history
  • rosa parks museum
Larry King Live - 1995: Rosa Parks says she isn't bitter


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