COW Night Performance Schedule

March 22, 2018

Gym Performances

Gym Performances

5:00-5:05 Brooklyn Jordan- Gymnastics

5:06-5:11 Ashlynn Bealko tumble and Cheer

5:12-5:17 Piper Hillier and Avery Byrne- Dance and Singing

5:18-5:23 Vlad Bebenko- Dancing

5:24-5:29 Sadie McClellan, Autumn Thompson, and Zoey Horner- Cheer

5:30-5:35 McKenzie McDaniel and Ana Perry - Dance

5:36-5:41 Piper Crawley - Dog Tricks

5:42-5:47 Grace Trudeau- Self Defense

5:48-5:53 Gwen Trudeau Hula Hoop Tricks

5:54-5:59 Amber Kenny and Charlotte Bemus- Dance

6:00-6:05 Calvin Koczara- Soccer tricks

6:06-6:11Ava and Molly Smith- Song and Dance

6:12-6:17 Ava Smith, Gloria Miller, Malaya Hempton, Juliana Blitchok- Cheer/ Dance

6:18-6:23 Kayla Shellenberger- Dance

6:24-6:29 Jayce Junga and Tyler Collins- Soccer Moves

6:30-6:35 Sarah Smith- Cooking Tricks

6:36-6:41- Bella Bondy- Dance

6:42-6:47-Braedon Willough and John Gartrell Dance

6:48 -6:53- Elizabeth Wendt- Announcing winner of her Game

Music Room Performances

Music Room

5:00-5:05- Benson Byrne and Kyle Rhodes- Dominoes

5:06-5:11 Lucas Stoll- Titanic Presentation

5:12-5:17 Charlotte Delaney and Violet Batzmorowsky- presentation


5:24-5:29 Kylee Caddick- 4H Demonstration

5:30-5:35 Charlotte Bemus- Singing


5:42-5:47 Noa Berry and Dylan Berry- Video


5:54-5:59 Tyler Cadarette - Science Demonstration

6:00-6:05 Cooper Gill and Jaxson Ifrate-Arm Farts

6:06-6:11 Emerson Kenworthy- Wax Museum

6:12-6:17 Olivia Perritt- singing

6:18-6:23 Vincent and Lydia Pattison- Rat Maze Demonstration

6:24-6:29 Amber Kenny and Evie Serra- Singing

6:30-6:35 Jacqueline Nicholas- Wax Museum

6:36-6:41 Kyle Elges- Making Hot Dogs

6:42-6:47 Emma Willbanks and Camryn Ratzes- Singing

6:48-6:53 Sophia Keepes - Presenting her dog Princess

6:54-6:59 Andrew Yuschak- Wax Museum Aaron Judge

Library Performances

Library Performances

5:00-5:05 Celi White- Animation

5:10-5:18 Alford Team 1 Robotics- Aqua Explorers

5:20-5:28 Upham Team 1 Robotics- Water Savers

5:30-5:38 Lowe Team 1 Robotics-Sea Savers

5:40-5:48 Fischer Team 1 Robotics -Aqua Dudes

5:50-5:58 Alford Team 2 Robotics Awesome Water Savers

6:00-6:08 Upham Team 2 Robotics--Aqua Mania

6:10-6:18 Lowe Team 2 Robotics-Aqua Sharks

6:20-6:28 Fischer Team 2 Robotics- Aqua Masters

6:30-6:38 Alford team 3 Robotics- Whirlpool Discovery Squad

6:45-7:00 Martians in Mars and Martians in Training Robotics Demonstration.

Celebration of Writing Night

Thursday, March 22nd, 5-7pm

7500 Gale Road

Goodrich, MI

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