Nazi Propaganda

Joey Woods-Reese

Overview of Holocaust

An event that lasted from 1933 to 1945 lead by the Nazi Leader Adolf Hitler. Most of Germany which was into a group called the Nazis were spreading hatred, exclusion, and murder to their own German population and any Jews nearby.

Definition/background information

Nazi Propaganda

Propaganda is like how people "promote" things to spread ideas, lies, rumors, anything that can further someone's case to do damage to one another. Its like ways through advertising that a group of people try to change your mind and thought on a subject.

And the certain subject of Nazi Propaganda is Propaganda used by the Nazi Party during Adolf Hitler's Leadership. It was very important to the Nazis for getting and keeping power

Original REsearch Question

What did Hitler make the German population think?

the Nazis manipulative minds made the Germans think they were involved in an urgent crisis and struggle with an evil enemy and that they needed the Germans during this time, and that the Jews were very bad while him and his Aryans were good.

All propaganda really is persuasion, and Hitler used this method very well, to the point where he had constant control partially cause of what people thought of him and what this "Propaganda" did was make them think good of him which only benefited him. Often Hitler had a Psychological warfare with his enemy's which was a propaganda type that tried to weaken its enemies beliefs in fighting and their own government.


"the monstrous offspring of insanity, impudence, ineptitude, and sheer degeneracy" words on Modern Art by Adolf Hitler after opening a museum of his own

I found this quote special cause of how odd it is, the fact that as he opens his own modern art museums then bashes on modern art as a whole why would someone want to go to someone else's museum after they said the type of art in their museum in mutiny. its part of one of his mind tricks or "propaganda" which is the name


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