McArthur Elementary

November 2021


During the month of November, students will be learning about gratitude. Students will learn what it means to be grateful, how to show gratitude, and how to recognize those we are grateful for. We will have a school wide Gratitude tree where every student will ad leaves to it showing what they are grateful for. Classrooms will work together to earn Gratitude coins. These will be coins that the student earn for their class for showing gratitude and/or doing acts of kindness for others.

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Students of the Month of October Richard Payne and Kensington Brown

STAR assessment

All students Kindergarten through 5th grade will be taking the 2nd assessment on STAR for both ELA and Math during the weeks of November 8 and November 15.

Eagle Buck Store

Students will be shopping with their eagle bucks at the Eagle Buck Store on November 17.

McArthur Gratitude tree

Every student, during the month of November will have an opportunity to place leaves on our gratitude tree. On the leaves, students will write what they are grateful for.