News from Mrs. Priebe's 4th grade class ...


The 4th graders are busy practicing their writing skills in preparation for the Nebraska State Writing Test in January. They are to write a personal narrative. This genre is simply a story that tells of an experience, an event, or an account of themselves. It should be well planned, with details that occur in order. It’s the perfect genre for beginning authors because everyone has a story to tell! To make their story more interesting, the students need to convey the emotion they felt during their experience...We call this “Adding Strong Voice.”

See the example paragraph written below by our fourth grader writers:

My hands were so sweaty I could barely hold the microphone in my hand. Butterflies were bouncing off the walls of my stomach, and my knees were shaking. As the announcer called my name, I watched the curtain slowly rise to reveal the hundreds of people in the audience. I was blinded by the brightness of a spotlight shining down on me. "You can do this," I whispered to myself.


Thank you for assisting your child with any questions they might have on their daily work.

Here are the lessons we will cover this week:

Monday - Lesson 59: Estimating Arithmetic Answers

Tuesday - Lesson 60: Rate Word Problems with a Given Total

Wednesday - Investigation 6 - Displaying Data using Graphs

Thursday - Lesson 61: Remaining Fractions

Friday - TEST

Also, please encourage a few minutes of daily math fact practice! IXL.com is a fantastic website to sharpen those skills!

Also, please sign your child up for xtramath! An informational brochure was sent home on Friday with details about how your child can practice math facts at home! It's FREE!


Please continue to check in with your fourth grader on their Accelerated Reader progress. All students need to be reading for 20 minutes each night.

Also, stay connected with the skills, strategies, and stories we are learning in our Reading Program. Click the link to login - ConnectED McGraw-Hill Reading Series

(Your child will need to login with their unique username and password)

This week our class will focus on how people’s words can lead to change. We will be discussing the idea that what people say can influence others’ opinions.

Weekly Concept: Powerful Words
Essential Question: How can words lead to change?
Genre: Biography
Skill Focus: Author's Point of View
Comprehension Strategy: Reread
Vocabulary Strategy: Word Parts ~ Latin & Greek Suffixes
Grammar: Linking Verbs
6 Traits Writing Focus: Organization ~ Strong Conclusions
Spelling/Phonics: Plurals

Check out our classroom website below to view resources for our reading unit!

Spelling Homework

This week's spelling words will focus on plural words. On Monday I will give the students a pretest to determine their spelling list (approaching, on level, or beyond). Encourage daily practice and be sure to check your child's planner for spelling homework. Also, take advantage of SpellingCity ... great resource and makes studying for spelling fun!

Monday - cursive practice

Tuesday - Write words in alphabetical order and reverse

Wednesday - Use the first 10 spelling words to write meaningful sentences

Thursday - Use the second 10 spelling words to write meaningful sentences

Friday - TEST

Fourth Grade Resources

I created this LiveBinder this summer for my new fourth grade scholars! This binder is full of helpful websites and tools to assist your child. It's similar to a virtual live bookmarking website. I update the binder often! Enjoy!

My Fourth Grade Resource - Live Binder


Our classroom is on Twitter! Please join us in the Twitterverse! All you need to do is sign up with Twitter, enter a “tweet”, then find us and request to follow our class. @grade4priebe Send me an email with your username so I know to accept your request to follow. It is that easy!