Fake Romance Spells Murder

By: Anthea Gruner

Buddy Musso had the mental capacity of an eight year old when he had found his "lady love", Sue Basso. Basso had led Musso to her home in Houston and they got married. This resulted in Sue Basso taking over Musso's Social Security checks. By her doing this, if Musso were to die her $15 K life policy would shoot up to $60 K. Basso hired men to kill Buddy. They beat him with belts and they drenched him with bleach and so on. Buddy was found on the side of a road. When Basso was accused, she claimed that she was paralyzed and that she had mental issues. At her next hearing, she was wheeled in on a hospital bed, talking about how someone tried to kill her with a snake. A court-appointed therapist said she was lying about everything. Basso was found guilty, and even her daughter was happy that she couldn't hurt anyone else.
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