Springtime in the Library

Rowland - Where April Bookworms Turn Into Butterflies

Inventory - FAQs

Do you really have to scan all of these books? Yes

Why does it take so long? Library helpers and I scanned 12,412 items.

Why do you have to inventory? Every business or non-profit that owns inventory, assets, publications, equipment, supplies, etc., needs to do at least an annual inventory. A school library is essentially a non-profit, and we have to account for items that federal, state, and local dollars bought for us.

What was the best thing you found when you inventoried? Lots of things, including:

Some slightly scary books that had been forgotten.....A student checked one of them out yesterday. I also found a great fiction book about learning to multiply; Mrs. Powell checked it out this morning.

Is it fun to do inventory? No, but it is fun to have the shelves in perfect order (for one minute).

Did you really dress up in costume and wig to conduct the inventory? No. I just liked this pic from Morguefiles, a site for royalty-free photos.

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Did You Know That Discovery Learning Now Has Goosebumps Videos (and much more)?

The students know I love R.L. Stine's Goosebumps series! As well as being fun and pleasantly chilling to read, the series provides great examples of character, setting, and plot development. Along with science, social studies, math, English/language arts, etc., award-winning digital content, Discovery Learning has guides to resources and tools, professional learning communities, virtual field trips, etc. If you do not already have a user name and password to this great resource, please see me, and I will help you sign up.
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School Librarians by Jason Reynolds, New York Times Bestselling Author

New York Times bestselling author, Jason Reynolds, is the 2018 Spokesperson for School Library Month. (We have his Reading Bowl book, As Brave As You.)

“It’s impossible for me to talk about the importance of the school library without talking about the school librarian,” said Reynolds. “In full disclosure, the library wasn’t a place I frequented in school, but if I were in school today I’d practically live there, because there’s a good chance the coolest person in the building works where the books are. Not only can the school librarian help to curate a comfortable and welcoming space for all students, not only can they usher them to a vast array of books and reference materials, librarians also usually have the ability to connect with students on a personal level, because, well, they’ve read the most stories, which makes their potential for empathy and openness ceiling-less.”