Forgive me, Leonard Peacock

by Matthew Quick

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Main Conflict

Leonard Peacock has many problems which are making friends, connecting with his mother, being surrounded around a ton of kids in school. But the main problem and what races through his head constantly throughout the book is that he was to kill his for best friend, Asher Beal, and the off himself afterwards.


I can relate to the main character, Leonard, the most because i know the feeling of being alone and not having the most perfect family or life overall.

5 Questions for The Author

- Why didn't Leonard just kill Asher ?

- What happened to Asher in the end?

-Did Herr have anything to do with the Holocaust at all?

-Where was Leonard's Mom or Walt in the end?

-Did Leonard hear from that lady in the city again?

Powerful Quote

"You're different. And i'm different too. Difference is good, but being different is hard. Believe me, I know". Not everyone is alike, it's okay to be different. People often thinking being different is a bad thing and feel very upset or depressed about it, but it just makes you unique.


I recommend this book to anybody in High School and above. It's an amazing book and i'm sure many kids or anybody in this world can relate to at least one thing in this book.