The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

John Boyne

The Summary

This book takes place in the worst killing camp call Auschwitz. The boy was in one of the worst killing camps called Auschwitz, his name was Shmuel. Then there was a boy named Bruno, he is a commandment son. They moved from Berlin so Bruno's dad could become the commandment of Auschwitz. Bruno was very bored, so he went on exploration and saw a fence so he went up to it and saw a little boy. He asked what his name was in the little boy said, "Shmuel." Then Bruno told him his name, they became pretty good friends. They didn't know Shmuel was a Jewish kid from Auschwitz, and that Bruno was a Nazi. They met by the fence for more than a year and talked, played, etc. Bruno heard that his mother and sister were going back to Berlin and he had to go to. He went to the fence to say his goodbyes. Then they thought of a good idea that Bruno would go to the other side of the fence because he has always wanted to see it and we're looking for is Papa that was missing. Shmuel got him stripe in pajamas because that's what they wear at the camp of Auschwitz. They dug a hole under the fence and started looking for his papa, then the soldiers started herding a group of Auschwitz people Shmuel and Bruno got in it. And if you want to know the rest the story You will have to read it.


The Explanation

The author had to change Auschwitz a little because there would be a guard at the fence at all times and in the book the met by the fence every day, they could dig a whole under so Bruno could get under the guards would have noticed, the fence was way more secure in the real auschwitz how I new it was auschwitz was the striped pajamas.


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