Newport, California

"A place to live for you and me"

Great Community!

The people of Newport make up a great community. With a school district that is known for it's academic success, Newport is a great place to raise a family too. The citizens of Newport are the kindness people on the west coast.

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Who lives here?

A lot of prestige people live here. People of the caliber of Philip Rivers, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mike Trout, and Adam Sandler. Many families live here too. This is a town of equals, not where the famous live.

Whats For Sale?

Newport is a nation leading grower in apples, and Mango's. We have many varieties for your shopping experience. We have 2 shopping malls, 6 grocery stores, and 10 gas stations. We have 20+ restaurants, and growing. We have a farmer's market every Sunday for the town to communicate, and have great friendships with other members of the community.

Sites and Attractions!

We have a 2 Board walks with a carnival on one, and a shopping outlet on the other. We have also a Six Flags. We have some Historical landmarks like the Teddy Roosevelt Museum, the Dinosaur Museum of Newport, and we also have the Newport Bobcats, a semi-pro football team.

The Beach!

We are happy to announce the opening of Newport beach, a beach for you and me. It is are newest addition to the Newport area, and community.

So Come on Down to Newport For fun, sun, and adventures awaiting.

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Ch. 5/8 similarities!

Status/Social class- All people in Newport are equal importance to the community.

Status Set/Social Stratification- everyone plays an important role in Newport and critical to the communities survival.

Role/income- The towns peoples role doesn't change no matter the income. People practically keep Newport running.

Right/ Power-Everyone is equal, with equal rights and powers.

Obligation/Wealth- the towns people of Newport have a obligation running and in great condition.