friends on online?

By Jared Vanlanen

Why shouldn't students be friends with teachers online?

Why shouldn’t you be friends with teachers online?
Why you shouldn’t be friends with teachers on online sites? Well there are benefits like being able to ask the questions for classes and due dates. Cons they will see racist pictures or comments and they might look at your all and see bad comments about people but they don’t know that you’re messing around with that friend. And if students post pictures teachers could put inappropriate comments on that wall. There is also another issue that arises when a teacher befriends a student. It is inherently tougher to discipline someone you have a personal relationship with, so in some cases, it stands to reason that a student who has a personal Facebook relationship with their teacher could be given extra benefits in the classroom.

What you can do is just not friend teachers and if they want to be your friend just decline it. Being friends with teachers is a bad thing because you could get in trouble for messing around with friends on the internet and a teacher seeing it and they either take you to the office or tell your parents. That is my option of this topic, if possible just avoided teachers on online sites. They could stalk you and find out information about you that you only want your closet to. Like when you’re buying something new and what’s going on in your life. Just don’t be friends with teachers online.