All Time All Stars Weekly Update

May 4-8, 2015

The week ahead,

Hello friends,
What a wonderful way to start the week...with a little extra time to get to school this morning! The kiddos came is with great stories and shares from their weekend adventures.

Peter Pan - Third grade will travel by SAS bus to the upper school to share in the middle school production of Peter Pan, Act I this Wednesday, May 6th. We will depart the lower school around 12:50 and return around 3:15. No need for a sack lunch; we will depart after lunch.

I have some news to share with you...The All Time All Stars are receiving quite a few compliments on their self-management and willingness to challenge themselves with new and complex work. These compliments have come from guest teachers, other third grade teachers, specials teachers, and teachers from other grade levels. These have made the All Time All Stars feel proud, as they should. Keep up the good work, All Stars!

Geometry has been an exciting new chapter in our math exploration. After discussing and defining polygons and non-polygons, the All Stars used graph paper and a clip board to take their research on the road. Learners walked around campus and illustrated and categorized shapes and structures as either polygons or non-polygons. Kiddos then gathered and discussed our findings. Using geoboards, learners recreated and identified shapes found in a room of their choice which they illustrated as an at home learning opportunity. Today we discussed and recreated different types of triangles, and this week we will explore perimeter and solid figures.

Writers' Workshop has been particularly exciting this "bend". As we practice the art of information writing, students came up with a list of thing on which they consider themselves "an expert". Using this information, each writer will craft a chapter book sharing and teaching what they know. By now each student has chosen their topic and has labeled and ordered their chapters in order of least to most important. Writers will continue to compose and refine their chapters this week. The class has blown me away with the dedication and thoughtfulness they are putting into their writing!

Vocabulary assessment
on Unit 9 words is tomorrow, Tuesday, May 5, 2015. The kiddos have worked off of a vocabulary menu sheet, and we will use their questions and fill in the blanks as material for our review game tomorrow morning.

The class is doing a great job of remembering our new policy of "all cursive all the time". Several volunteers even made signs of reminders to post in our room :)

Readers have the new two week reading log (blue paper). They should continue to read and log each night and compose either two joys/night or 1 jot/chapter for their reading.

Readers' Workshop continues as we practice note-taking skills and strategies. Today in SS, researchers broke into chapter "expert groups" to read a chapter from our Congress reader and developed a snapshot of information and facts to teach the class. Each group presented the chapter they studies and answered questions from their peers. Researchers will put these skills to work as they study a non-fiction subject of choice to present to the class the week of May 20th. We will complete this research in school.

Homework for the week (in addition to nightly reading):
Monday: Study for Vocabulary Assessment Tuesday (Unit 9)
Tuesday: Complete 3 Dreambox lessons
Wednesday: No Assigned Homework
Thursday: Write Two Questions they want to learn on the Non Fiction Topic of Research. Researchers will use these questions to focus their NF study in school on Friday.

I will be out of school this Wed-Friday. Mrs. Pemberton will be our guest teacher.
Have a wonderful week,