What Are Maps?

maps are a book piece of paper or whatever they show us where on the earth,town,city or if your a little pirate looking for treasure. a treasure map. the main thing we use it for is if your lost or if you need directions.


Border:borders show you the boundrys of the map

Orientation:tells us which way is south,east,west,north

Legends:is a thing thst tell what a dot or something stands for

Title:tells you what you are looking at

Scale:tells you the real distence instead of 5cm

Source:shows you where they got ther info



A Legend is a very inportant thing on a map let say your driveing along and you see a sigh on your map in this case a plane without a key you would not know what it is but with the key you can quikly look and say its the airport.That is why a key is so inportant


a source can tell you where the person who created the map got his info from.A bibliography is apart of the telling you where he got the info from lets say wikipedia he doesnt write it down you cant trust if the map is corect but if he wrote it down you could check that the info is corect.