Digitized and Analog Signals

By: Paydon Spinks & Zander Lewis P.2

What Are Digital Signals And How Are They Used

Digital signals must have a finite set of possible values. The number of values in the set can be anywhere between two and a very large number that’s not infinity. Most commonly digital signals will be one of two values like either 0V or 5V. Timing graphs of these signals look like square waves.

What are Analog Signals And How They Are Used

Signals are passed between devices in order to send and receive information, which might be video, audio, or some sort of encoded data. Usually the signals are transmitted through wires, but they could also pass through the air via radio frequency waves. Audio signals, for example might be transferred between your computer’s audio card and speakers, while data signals might be passed through the air between a tablet and a WiFi router.


When, What, Where, Who, and Why

When - Calling someone, watching TV, listening to the radio,etc.

What - Your personal use.

Where - Your House, in Public, stores, etc.

Who - You, your friends, family members, etc.

Why - So that you call someone anywhere and do things with out plugging something into the wall or outlet.

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