The Nazi "Death Squads" Under The SS.

Overview Of Holocaust

January/30/1933: Adolf Hitler is voted in as a chancellor
February/27/1933: Germany's capital is set on fire (Soviets Are Blamed).
March/20/1933: First concentration camp established (Dachau)
March/27/1933: Hitler is given absolute power.
April-May 1933: Jews are being attacked.
Winter: Hitler slurps up all of Germany's power, Hitler is Germany now.
September/15/1935: Nuremberg Laws announced.

January/16/1945: Soviets (Russians) Bomb the dreaded concentration camp, Auschwitz.
April/30/1945: Hitler commits suicide in Berlin, Germany.
May/7/1945: Nazi Germany ends one-thousand-year Reich.

Definition/Backgroud Information

Einsatzgruppen, which means mission groups, is a branch of the Nazi secret service (SS). The Einsatzgruppen broke the laws of war in Nazi-controlled areas of Europe. They murdered Polish and Soviet (Russian) POWs and citizens. The Einsatzgruppen exterminated close to 1 million people, nearly 1500 SS members stood trial for their crimes.

Original Research Question

So, what else is there to know about the Einsatzgruppen?
The Einsatzgruppen killed 2 million Soviets and Jews. The most Infamous attack was at Babi Yar, Ukraine killing 33,000 Jews. Heinrich Himmler vomited after exterminating 100 Jews.


"The way Adolf Hitler, the new chancellor, shouted "juden" from our Blaupunkt radio in the middle of our living room and made everybody nervous."


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